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As a member of LUSONEWS we would like to offer you weekly news in English
from Portugal. This is produced by The News, Portugal's National Newspaper
in English.

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2nd February - Contents

2. Reader Offers
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5. This weeks recommended sites
6. How to subscribe to this newsletter
7. Links
8. No1 for news about Portugal

1 - HEADLINES (click link to see full story, and much more)

FRONT PAGE  - While six die each day on Portuguese roads, driving schools
criticise driver's licence requirements

Road carnage = 56,000 deaths in 25 years

Over the past 25 years, 1,043,431 accidents were recorded on Portuguese
roads, resulting in 56,059 deaths and almost 1.4 million injuries. In
January, the road death toll reached 80. Meanwhile, increased competition
among driving schools has made them almost profitless ventures, with most
unable to afford top driving instructors, and learner drivers are the first
to be deprived of adequate training.
Click BLUE link to see full story - www.the-news.net

Problems prevail despite PM's praise for Iberian Summit

The climate of cordiality which marked the 17th Luso-Hispanic Summit in
Sintra this week failed to overcome the major hitches in bilateral
relations. Portugal was not convinced into amending its extradition
procedures, while Spain refused to rethink the unilateral veto it has
imposed on Portuguese utility EDP, following an offer to purchase
Hidrocantábrica, Spain's fourth largest utility.
Click BLUE link to see full story - www.the-news.net

Lack of planning, inspection blamed for flood deaths

Several engineers and technicians have been voicing their opinions this week
in the wake of the devastating floods across most of the country, which
resulted in the loss of at least six lives. The non-existence of warning
letters as to a territory's stability or geological inspection of building
sites and a lack of coordination between responsible services are being
handed the blame in the aftermath of the havoc-wreaking floods the past
Click BLUE link to see full story - www.the-news.net

BSE variant could exist undetected in Portugal

In the week that Spain laid the blame for its recent outbreak of BSE
squarely at the doorstep of its Iberian neighbours, an Oporto hospital
director confirmed that cases of the new variant of CJD could exist in
Portugal without being detected by national authorities. Cases of the new
variant of the Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD), which humans contract after
consuming BSE-infected beef, could exist undetected in Portugal.
Click BLUE link to see full story - www.the-news.net

Human cloning possible in Portugal

While not being explicitly legal in Portugal, there is no stipulation in the
country's constitution that denies doctors the right to perform human
cloning in Portugal. Currently, the ethical behaviour of doctors is the only
existing surety against the procedure.
Click BLUE link to see full story - www.the-news.net

Central Bank forecasts 3.1 percent inflation in 2001

A report released last week by the Bank of Portugal estimates that
nationwide inflation in the year 2001 should reach 3.1 percent, more than
ten percent above the figure forecast by the government. The estimated
inflation rate figure for the year 2001 by the Central Bank is above the 2.8
percent inflation forecast by the government and used as the basis for
labour negotiations - the difference being justified by the use of different
calculation criteria.
Click BLUE link to see full story - www.the-news.net

RTP 'BOMBER' Subtil wins case against RTP

The Lisbon Appeal Court upheld a lower court ruling on Thursday afternoon
when it confirmed the conviction of state-television RTP and two of its
journalists, in litigation which pitted them against Manuel Subtil,
responsible for day-long occupation of the station's headquarters.
Click BLUE link to see full story - www.the-news.net

Portuguese title race closer than ever

With league 15 encounters outstanding, the top of the Portuguese First
Division ladder has taken an unfamiliar appearance, with the country's top
four teams separated by a mere five points and unfancied Boavista leading
the pack with a three point advantage.
Click BLUE link to see full story - www.the-news.net


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