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Error on http://www.w3.org/TR/html401/struct/tables.html

From: <henrik.brahe.hager@neckelmann.dk>
Date: Wed, 24 Jan 2001 13:52:08 +0100
Message-ID: <DD011D78F848D411B5D040000000300046C475@EXCHCLU>
To: www-html-editor@w3.org
Hi there.

I get this (and only this):
11 Tables
	Introduction to tables 
	Elements for constructing tables 
			The TABLE element 
*	Table directionality 
			Table Captions: The CAPTION element 
			Row groups: the THEAD, TFOOT, and TBODY elements 
			Column groups: the COLGROUP and COL elements 
*	The COLGROUP element 
*	The COL element 
*	Calculating the number of columns in a table 
*	Calculating the width of columns 
			Table rows: The TR element 
			Table cells: The TH and TD elements 
*	Cells that span several rows or columns 
	<a class="tocxref" href="#h-

Best regards

Henrik Brahe Hager
HBH, 89223481
Udvikler - Teknisk software
Trevira Neckelmann
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