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Dear Colleagues...

From: Hristina Vancheva <blackpep@chek.com>
Date: 20 Jan 2001 22:43:12 -0000
Message-ID: <20010120224312.1915.qmail@purina.chek.com>
Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to inform you that "BLACK PEPPERS " studio is about to enlarge company's business partnerships. 

"BLACK PEPPERS " studio is a music creation studio. We specialize in composing and arranging both original and on-demand music for commercials suited to the requirements of our clients. 

We work with the most powerful international and domestic companies in our country such as: 

   * AIG Life * Coca Cola, Fanta, Sprite
   * Pepsi, Mirinda * Johnson * Johnson 
   * Procter & Gamble * Nike * Jack Daniels 
   * Prista Oil * Astera * Nova Brasilia,  etc 

for their TV and Radio advertising campaigns in Bulgaria, and with the most reliable advertising agencies in the country.

   * "Graffitti"
   * "Leo Burnet"
   * "Kres"

We have already reached the top of the possibilities for creating music for commercials in our country and did original music for foreign clients like BBC, USA - "Computer Anti Virus Community",etc. 

When the client's material combines video with music we work in association with "Creative Video Center" and "Top Form Video".We enjoy an excellent reputation in producing talented and impressive commercial pieces of music and our regular clients are satisfied with: 

   * The quality of our product 
   * The terms and conditions of payment 
   * The punctuality of delivery

While analyzing our work through the year 2000 we have come to the conclusion that our company still hasn't used it's full capacity.

We would like to kindly invite you to our web site http://www.blackpep.com to learn about our company and listen to some mp3 demos of the pieces we've created for:

   * Coca Cola /Bulgaria/ Radio Edit 
   * Pepsi /Bulgaria/ Radio Edit 
   * Nike /Bulgaria/ Radio Edit 
   * Pall Mall Clubbing /Bulgaria /Radio Edit 
   * "Nova Brasilia"/Bulgaria /TV Edit 
   * "Astera Tri Active"/Bulgaria /TV Edit 
   * "Prista Oil"/Bulgaria /TV Edit etc.

In order to facilitate you our letter includes some demos of commercials we have done lately. You can easily download them by clicking the following links. 
Adaptaion Spots Demos
"Coca- Cola - First Kiss"
"Coca- Cola - Urban"
"Fanta Fiesta - Homeboys"

TV Spots Demos
"Bira Pleven"
"New Brasil"

Radio Spots Demos
"Mirinda 1"
"Mirinda 2"
"Orel Holding"
"Pepsi Light"
"Retirement Fund"
"Pepsi 2"

TV Themes Demos
"Encyclopeadia of the Unknown"
"Heroic Theme
"TV Studio Nova

We would readily respond to all your questions and demands. We will be happy to help you become more competitive using our high-grade services.

If our offer is not in the field of your professional interests, please do inform us in order to avoid disturbing you and interrupting your everyday schedule. 
( blackpep@operamail.com ).

Best Regards

Black Peppers Studio
Managing Director
Christina Vantcheva

Black Peppers Studio

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