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As a member of LUSONEWS we would like to offer you weekly news in English
from Portugal. This is produced by The News, Portugal’s National Newspaper
in English.

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19th January - Contents

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1 - HEADLINES (click link to see full story, and much more)

FRONT PAGE  - Highest Rates of Breast Cancer in Souselas

The Campaign against Co?incineration has just released figures showing that
Souselas, the proposed site of a new toxic waste incinerator, already has
the highest breast cancer rates in the country, writes Siobhan Mitchell. The
figures released were for 1999, and showed an alarming hotspot for the
virulent disease of breast cancer. Whilst the national average for this type
of cancer is 65 per 100,000 in Souselas there are 1,000 cases per 100,000.
In the council district of Coimbra as a whole, the incidence is 260 per
Click BLUE link to see full story - www.the-news.net

Afternoon of terror ruins Lisbon Games

The municipal swimming pool at Olivais in Lisbon was laid siege on Saturday
afternoon, when around 50 white youths armed with knives and handguns, all
aged between 12 and 15, and who had been participating in a football
tournament organised by the City Hall, attacked and terrorised players of
the same age, but of African origin. Click BLUE link to see full story -

Military publication alerted against DU in September

According to an article published in the September 1999 edition of the
Jornal do Exército (official Portuguese military publication), troops were
warned of the possible adverse effects of depleted uranium (DU) in the
Balkans. The publication also stated that Gulf War Syndrome and uranium were
probably connected
Click BLUE link to see full story - www.the-news.net/main.htm

Five more years of President Sampaio

Portuguese President Jorge Sampaio strolled to re-election for a second
five-year term as head of state, maintaining the ruling Socialist Party's
firm grip on power. The past weekend's presidential elections will however
be remembered for the record abstention rate and general voter apathy, given
that Sampaio's victory had been "assured" long before ballot stations even
Click BLUE link to see full story - www.the-news.net

Minimum wage - 37 percent loss in buying power since 1974

The national minimum salary, barring rare exceptions, has for the past 26
years always grown less than the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita.
While the minimum wage is increased on annual basis, the consumer price
index and other factors usually result in citizens actually being entitled
to less than the previous year.
Click BLUE link to see full story - www.the-news.net


SPECIAL READER OFFERS - The sales are still on!

LISBON JANUARY SALES. A special offer from the prestigious 5 star Lisbon
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BOOKS ABOUT PORTUGAL - Our special arrangement with Amazon means that you
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