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!! Huge Discounts - get it all here from 4.5 cent/min. long distance to 30% or more off computer equipment !!

From: jayce <jgaumond@yahoo.com>
Date: Sun, 22 Apr 2001 17:19:49 -0400
Message-Id: <987974389.296@abs.adelphia.net>
To: www-html-editor@w3.org

First let me introduce myself..

My name is Jason Gaumond and I am a representative with the well-established company known as Cognigen.
You were actually referred to me from an "opt-in" list as someone who is looking for a great deal on a variety of consumer products and services.
The intent of this message is to make you aware of many unmatchable shopping bargans in plain text and plain english without
all of the loud bells and whistles and intense graphics which many email programs have difficulty interpreting.  

The offers presented by Cognigen can save you big money on a variety of products and services!

Here are some examples:

**  Long Distance service with Opex who offers plans as low as 4.5 cents per minute WITHOUT MONTHLY FEES!  http://LD.net/?jayce

**  "Dial Around Services" by CogniDial... featuring awesome international rates i.e. Japan 10.9 cents per minuts & UK at 6.8 cpm!
This service also offers state to state and international service at unbeatable rates WITHOUT the hassle of changing your long distance
carrier.. hence the name "Dial Around Service" :)   http://LD.net/?jayce

**  Cellular/PCS - TracFone Prepaid Cellular ... means no credit card deposits or contracts to abide to!   No monthly bills.. only pay
for your usage!  http://LD.net/?jayce

**  I-net services - Tired of or dis-satisfied with your current internet provider?  Switch to Telocity DSL for example for only $49.95 per month!

**  Home Security systems - Protect your home and loved ones with a state-of-the-art security system as low as $29.95 / month including free hardware!
These plans / systems are rated in the top 10 according to SDM magazine who features and rates all residential and commercial security systems.

**  Deep Discounts!!!  On a wide array of computer and other products.. here are but a few of the most recent liquidations..

1)  Kodak DC290 Digital Zoom Camera -  I have seen this camera at Circuit City for $800 ... Cognigen price is $594.72

2)  IBM ThinkPad LapTop Computer with 550MHZ Intel Celeron CPU, 5 GB hard drive .. DARE TO COMPARE ..  Cognigen price is $999.99 !

3)  Microsoft Office 2000 Upgrade.. price reduced to $208.07.  I remember not long ago everyone was asking $400 for this product!

4)  Aiwa Anti-Skip CD Discman - $113.80

5)  Kenwood Home Theater Surround Sound Stereo Receiver - $420.70   (More BANG! for the buck!)

6)  Intel Pentium III CPU - for those technologically savvy folks who build their own PC's ..  800Mhz CPU is now only $238.10 !!


Many, many, many more !!

Please note that all transactions are guaranteed to be secure through Cognigen's Secure (SSL) servers.  Not only that but Cognigen offers
Unsurpassed customer service, handling all orders efficiently and accurately.  Cognigen accepts All Major Credit cards and now even includes
the pay by personal check feature! (for those like me who don't like to incur outrageous credit card balances!)

click here for all of the shopping advantages you can think of ... http://LD.net/?jayce

On behalf of Cognigen .. I hope you have a wonderful day or evening!
Thank you for your time in reviewing this message 


Jason Gaumond

P.S. Feel free to direct compliments, complaints, comments, or recommendations to jgaumond@yahoo.com

To remove yourself from future mailings / sales annoucements from Cognigen or any of it's representatives... 
simply reply to this message and type REMOVE in the subject line and your request will be promptly processed.
or for a shortcut click jgaumond@yahoo.com  and type REMOVE in the subject line.  Thank you! :-)
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