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Many inconsistenf features in the last working draft of XHML 1.1 modularization

From: tapio1 <tapio1@nic.fi>
Date: Fri, 20 Oct 2000 18:34:04 +0300
Message-ID: <001401c03aab$2e9f8a00$88e126d4@f7n4x6>
To: <www-html-editor@w3.org>
I have found following inconsitent features. ALL inconsistencies are due that you have NOT noticed all additional modules.

'Name Identification Module'

If APPLET has 'name' as deprecated attribute, WHY 'OBJECT' doesn't have it too?

'Intrinsic Events Module'

FRAMESET doesn't have the possibility to add onload and onunload attributes.

'Legacy Module':

In addition that attribute list to the 'Legacy' module is inconsitent:

WHY compact to this element doesn't belong to Legacy?


WHY transitional attributes to this element doesn't belong to Legacy?
IF image can have with Legacy transitional attributes, WHY NOT APPLET?

The same could in principle ask concerning OBJECT, but it is not widely supported.

WHY align to this element doesn't belong to Legacy? SELECT is widely supported in old browsers.


Why it has 'align' - it is supported ONLY in NEW MS browsers - old browsers don't support it.

LEGACY module is for OLD browsers like NS 3.x or some other ONLY HTML 3.2 supporting browsers like some browsers of Sun Microsystems.
At this mean the module IS inconsistent. 

Attributes to elements, which can be added with the Legacy module should be follow HTML 3.2 
- all HTML 3.2 which are added, should be able to use ALL HTML 3.2 attributes (DL, APPLET, SELECT)
- no sense to put transitional attributes to elements, which belong only to HTML 4.0 (OBJECT, LEGEND), because HTML 4.0 capable browsers support CSS anyway (concerns primary MS IE ). IF LEGEND has transitional attributes THEN also OBJECT should have transtional attributes!

I put information about XHTML 1.1 according to 
Modularization of XHTML (W3C Working Draft4 October 2000)  with MANY question marks to following pages:


+ notes to

The modularization is inconsistent! Could it be fixed?
Or do you want the modularization to be fully inconsitent. I just 
want that you create CONSISTENT system!
Tapio Markula
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