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HTML4.0 zip file problem (fwd)

From: <ai312@hwcn.org>
Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2000 19:25:59 -0500 (EST)
To: www-html-editor@w3.org
Message-ID: <Pine.GSO.4.05.10001311916120.12737-100000@james.hwcn.org>

Below is an earlier email I sent out concerning the problem of not being
able to read the zip archived version of html 4.0 on my computer.

I did not think it necessary to mention I was using an IBM compatible,
however that does seem necessary at the moment.  I seem to have solved my
problem, but this has opened onto even more problems making a simple task
a complex task.

For example, with the problem intact, I would OPEN FILE through neavigator
4.7 onto cover.html.  That would have a table of contents.  If you move
down to any of hte contents listed and their links, the links all have the
.html extension.  Unlike UNIX, IBM's can only have 3 characters as their
extension.  Using windows 98 second edition, which provides the latest
DOS, I'm able to extend my filenames, but not their extensions.

The problem I had was fixed by renaming one link to .htm, testing it on
another link proved the solution again.  Rather then be a solution, its
now made my 'website html 4.0' a problem, since I would be required to
RENAME EVERY LINK in the HTML FILES MANUALLY, just so that I may read the

I'm rather upset by this.

I hoped to easily read the files, but now the only alternative is to be
online which is itself impossible and impractical.

Please advise me on my other alternatives if I have any.
If I am correct in my understanding that the IBM PCS of this world cannot
use these Zip files for programming, then I have to say there has been a
complete oversight made, a huge gross mistake, though a simple one serious
enough to bring the entire thing down, excluding untold amounts of
programmers outside.



I recently downloaded several zip files from www.w3.org for reading and
study, but after unzipped they had trouble finding their files using their

It unzips like it were a website on a local station, but every time I
click somewhere the response is "cannot find file/directory"

I unzipped typing :  "pkunzip -d FILENAME"
The corresponding sub directories were created without problem.

I further looked the path in the browsers window, and shelled to dos to
check the sub dir myself for that same file.  ALl of the files they try
to find are there, workable and in the same path.

I have no idea what is wrong.  I use a capable enough system and netscape
navigator 4.7.  I can read each file fine if I go there manually using
"OPEN FILE", but thats an impossible practice since I Hvae no table of

Please advise on what I can do.  I want to start work on websites ASAP,
and need to read up on 4.0 code.
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