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Daily Grants Report

From: Abe's Grant Report <abes_email_reports@mindspring.com>
Date: Sun, 28 May 2000 23:36:45 -0400
To: <abes_email_reports@mindspring.com>
Message-ID: <002101bfc91f$1d1444e0$5d4379a5@abeperlstein>
I publish a free daily e-mail grants newsletter that lists the basic contents of grant RFPs listed in the Federal Register
and foundation information.

I am doing this because I have been bothered by the cost and delays of various print publications in listing information that
is free in the Federal Register. I have found that by the time I get any particular report, I have very little time to put
together the proposal. I also found that if I could get this information when it is published  I would be ahead of the game.

I have begun e-mailing the free newsletter on May 8, 2000.
In the first week several hundred people sign up.

You will not receive any other e-mail about this.
If you would like to subscribe send an e-mail message to:


What executive directors, devlopment directors, grant writers and various non-profits have to say:

"Thanks Abe, that was good work on your part and I do appreciate you capturing this data."

"What a wonderful idea!"

"Thanks Abe. It looks good - easy to read."

"I think this is a wonderful idea.  I too am often
frustrated that by the time publications come out
award opportunities are either past or too close to do
the proper work required to meet deadlines.  I applaud
your decision to do a newsletter in a more timely
fashion and will be applying to be included."


"The difficulty we have noticed with hardcopy newsletters is the preparation
time uses so much of the grant response time that often you get the
newsletter too late to do much good."

"I really appreciate your "digest" of items!  Thank you."

"I would be interested in receiving your newsletter re: grants information. I agree that this information needs to be
disseminated much quicker than via the printed newsletters. Thank you for taking on this task. It will truly make my life
much easier."

If you would like to subscribe send an e-mail message to:

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