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ATTENTION! Amateur Radio Operators CBers etc, FROM QRSRADIO

From: <QRSradio@kbk.net>
Date: Thu, 28 Oct 1999 13:33:23
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ATTENTION! Amateur Radio Operators, CB ER's etc, FROM QRSRADIO1
This mail is never sent unsolicited.  
You or someone you know enter your Callsign and E-mail address
in QRSRADIO1s Amateur Radio database.  To keep you upto date on 
Happening's in the world of Two-way radio.

If this letter reached you in error please please
 please accept our apologies.
       Thank You.

Jump into the 21st Century
With The Communicators Handbook 2050
If you are a Ham, CB'er, DX'er, S.W.L Etc.,
Call 718-482-3437 for more information 
On communications most Revolutionary
Happening since the invention of two-way radio.

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 (Tip look for the book in the Shortwave books of crbbooks.com)

or call your local Library and ask for  The Communicators 
Handbook 2050.

Supplies are severely LIMITED
Only 200 in the world.
this book will help all radio lovers,

It's Very important that you as a ham just look at this Book.
No one can deny that the radio hobby has suffered over the last 
Years in this age of the home computer and new radio laws.

This is as REAL as it gets 
On (November-10-1999) this book will go out of print.
And no one will know about it,

It's time for you to help stop the suffering, of the radio hobby. 
Please support your local Ham Club & Store.

Jeff 73.

Ps. Question Y is it that hams can  talk on the radio but not on 
the net by email???

This is for Ham, CB'er, DX'er, & S.W.L only!

If this letter reached you in error please please please accept 
our apologies.
       Thank You.

this message complies with the proposed United States Federal 

 we do not wish to mail to anyone except those who have
 Specifically requested we do so, like you did. 

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