Info re Arthritis Treatment

CMO (Cerasomal-cis-9-cetylmyristoleate)


(Human Studies Conducted by the SDC Immunological Center Demonstrated the Administration of CMO Produced Major Benefits for Patients Suffering from Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Reactive Psoriatic Arthritis.)

CMO Enables Arthritic Patients to:

Be Normal Again --- Walk -- Play Golf -- Go Dancing... Do the Things You Used to Do!

Over 85% Success Rate with 70% to 100% improvement

This is a one-time only 2-week treatment.


"CMO will probably be seen as the most Important find of the twentieth century. It is 98% effective against both osteo and rheumatoid arthritis. By 'effective' I mean it will either cure the disease outright or at least leave the recipient greatly improved." Dr. Douglas Hunt, M.D. author, physician

"CMO is a cure. I suffered from pain and rigid joints for 30 years. One bottle of CMO cured me." Dr. Mark Muller, DDS

"CMO, call it what you will rescue, remission, relief, reversal, intervention, or a cure, thousands who have suffered for years and years with arthritis, myself Included, have now experienced its total disappearance, call it a miracle!" Dr. Leonard Sands. Director SDC Immunological Center


"It's a miracle! Ten years with arthritis, three in a wheelchair, and now I've got a completely normal life again. Just watch me make up for lost time."

"Imagine my agony. I was a professional athlete all my life. CMO gave back my life. Even my knee surgery didn't do that for me. CMO fixed all my joints, all at once.

"As crippled as I was, I hadn't worn out a pair of shoes in seven years. Now I'm out shopping for them again -- all by myself. My whole life has made a complete about face."

"After nine years of crippling pain, I can't believe I'm actually skiing again. CMO is truly incredible."

"After two years in a wheelchair. I just can't believe that I'm taking care of myself and my family again."


  • "Hang on folks, because if you haven't heard this before, it certainly is going to be an eye-opener for you ... Amazing is not the word for it, CMO gets to the source of the problem. It actually stops the arthritic process. The Mark Scott Show, WXYT Radio in Detroit

    "It may be what we consider almost a miracle cure for arthritis, and the form of arthritis doesn't matter … what is more impressive is once you undergo the appropriate treatment . . . you are in most cases free from arthritis symptoms forever." The Don Bodenbach Show. KCEO Radio in San Diego.

    "Stop Arthritis Now! The Amazing Story of CMO... The results of CMO are so impressive that nothing that mainstream or natural medicine has to offer can come close to the dramatic reversals in arthritis that have been observed. The link between CMO and arthritis was discovered at the National Institutes of Health. Standard medical treatment is aimed at symptomatic relief of pain and inflammation and has show to actually accelerate the disease process ... In contrast the CMO protocol works rapidly and does not need to be continued in the vast majority of cases." The Nature of Health Magazine

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    Many Veterinarians use miraculous CMO for animals.

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