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W3C REC HTML-4.0 24-Apr-1998 - Content model definitions

From: Hans v. Sommerfeld <snoopy@redbaron.bir.uunet.de>
Date: Thu, 8 Jul 1999 19:46:11 +0200 (METDST)
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HTML 4.0 Specification
W3C Recommendation, revised on 24-Apr-1998


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I don't want to look as pedantic, but for clarity of definition you should add
the '-' or 'not' operator to the content model definition description list.
Yes, you already do provide an example below the list.

3.3.3 Element declarations 
Content model definitions 

[section with suggested addition included]

<p>The content model of an element is specified with the following

<dt><strong>( ... )</strong>
<dd>Delimits a group.
<dt><strong>A | B</strong>
<dd>Either A or B occurs, but not both.
<dt><strong>A , B</strong>
<dd>Both A and B occur, in that order.
<dt><strong>A & B</strong>
<dd>Both A and B occur, in any order.
<dd>A occurs zero or one time.
<dd>A occurs zero or more times.
<dd>A occurs one or more times.

<!-- suggested addition follows: -->
<dd>The occurence of A is prohibited.
<!-- suggested addition ends. -->


The readability of your document is really high! 
The recommended definition of HTML-4.0 is very precise and understandable.

Kind regards.

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