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A Song Of Peace

From: Tom Cropper <tomc@sys5.sysops.com>
Date: Sun, 10 Jan 99 10:58:25 EST
Message-Id: <199901101558.PAA27781@sys5.sysops.com>
To: www-html-editor@w3.org

My name is Thomas S. Cropper, Jr., but call me Tom - it's easier ;-)

With my beautiful wife Tina and son TC, I live in Ocean City, a
seaside summer resort on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.  If you don't
know me it's probably because someone has forwarded this message to
you. Please accept my apology in advance for the intrusion.  I'll
try to be brief, but those who know me will agree that may be
difficult ;-)

I work as a software programmer for a small computer company here on
the Eastern Shore of Maryland. It's a job I love but sometimes it takes 
me away from my family.  A few weeks ago, in support of our clients, I 
was working in Oslo, Norway. One evening I was introduced to a new 
friend, Maarten Willemse. Maarten is a student studying English at the 
University of Oslo. He works as a musician (his first love) in his spare 
time. While talking to Maarten that night I was struck by this 
coincidence - I am from the Eastern Shore of Maryland where the Middle 
East Wye River Memorandum was recently created. He is from Oslo, Norway 
where the Oslo Peace Agreement was completed. I thought it was 
interesting we were both from areas identified with the furtherance of Peace.

Early the next morning - very early I might add.... I had a dream so 
real, so startling, it woke me up.... I dreamed of hundreds and thousands 
of people all singing the same song - a simple song of Peace. A song they 
presented as a gift to those struggling without Peace. These were normal, 
working folks, all singing with one purpose - to spread the hope of 
Peace. This dream was so real, so vivid I had to get up and write down 
the words... In the dark, in a strange, cold place far from home - with 
bleary, sleepy eyes I wrote what I heard them sing.

Please understand - I'm not a song writer, not a lyricist, I write 
computer software for a living...  but the vision of the dream was so 
strong my pen fairly flew across the hotel stationary as I wrote down 
what I remembered.  I got up a few hours later, read the words I had 
written in the dark and knew what I had to do. I had to make the dream 
real. I called Maarten - my Oslo friend and asked him if he could put the 
words to music. He agreed and the song from my dream -- A Simple Song of 
Peace became real. 

Now that the song is real, it's time for the singers. Do you share my 
dream of Peace? Maybe you are one of those folks I saw in my dream? Are 
you willing to sing a Simple Song of Peace? If you can see yourself 
singing a gift of hope to those who desperately need a Peace Present the 
most, then I need your help.

Here's how. Send me email (tomc@sysops.com) with your name and email 
address. As our dream comes closer to reality I'll send you email on our 
progress and let you know how to participate in the chorus.  Also - if 
you know anyone else who shares our dream of Peace - please forward this 
email to them.

Thanks in advance for making our dream come true!

Tom Cropper
12326 Pine Rest Drive
Ocean City, MD 21842
(410) 213-2303 - Daytime Number
(410) 213-0956 - Evening Number
(410) 524-7210 - Fax
7603207 ICQ

PS  Two quick items:

1. I did NOT see any of YOUR money in my dream. Please do not send any. 
Peace is what this is about - not money.
2. Please understand  - ONLY forward this email to those you know who 
might TRULY be interested in helping. I don't want this to turn into a 
chain letter.  Thanks Again!  Tom
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