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UNIQUE offer

From: <sales@program-ace.com>
Date: Sun Jun 27 15:28:49 1999
Message-Id: <199906271928.PAA22510@www10.w3.org>
We have two UNIQUE offers for you:

1) Art Web Design
Most of web pages available in the Internet are deprived of any individual style. 
Many of them are implemented neatly and professionally but don't have style. Some of 
them have same style. But this is the style of cliche. They have no individuality. 
How many bright pages can you recollect? Our company set the task to fight against 


2) Virtual Personnel - employment concept of future!
It has become clear for everyone, that for efficient presence 
in the Internet the site should be not only created but and continuously updated. 
To this end skilled professionals are needed, and this is the main expenditure. 
But if your company is small or site does not require every day updating, maintaining 
such specialists in not economically worthwhile. We can offer you economically 
expedient yearly plans "Year Without Problems" of utilizing our experts.


We sure that you become our customer and take this cost effective advantages.

Also we are looking for ways of cooperation with any Internet business.
Don't hesitate contact us with any offers! 

Sales Manager
Program-Ace, Inc


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