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Markup errors in 4.0 spec....

From: <david_harmon@ibi.com>
Date: Wed, 11 Nov 1998 14:29:03 -0500
Message-Id: <98Nov11.141655est.19865@mailgate2.org.com>
To: <www-html-editor@w3.org>
     I am reading the (downloaded) HTML 4.0 spec, under IE 3.02.  Several 
     times, reading through the spec, I've found places where the emphasis 
     (green on my system) of a note does not end with the note, but 
     continues until some other factor ends it.  
     I have examined one of these, specifically the first note under 
     section 17.2.1, Control Types.  In this case, the bug appears to be 
     caused by having an unclosed paragraph element within the note's DIV 
     element, but outside the EM element.  Adding a </P> in the obvious 
     place fixes the emphasis, but adds an extra line under the note.  
     Removing the <P> also fixes the emphasis, and leaves the usual 
     (single) spacing after (and before) the note.  The spec itself only 
     states that the closing tag for P is optional.  Oddly, I cannot seem 
     to duplicate this in a smaller file of my own.  I do not know whether
     this bug still happens in IE 4.01.
     While I'm here:  This version of IE does not accept multiple STYLE 
     elements in the HEAD, as appears in some styling examples.  Only the 
     last one is effective.  I have worked around this by combining all the 
     CSS code into one STYLE element.  A friend has verified that this bug 
     does not appear in 4.01.  I'm not sure what you folks do about cases 
     like that....
     In neither case do I know whether the bug appears in Netscape.
        Dave Harmon
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