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*1.Warehouse and workshop near Beijing for renting.
*2.A pefect new production line of light excursion shoes for transfering. 


Beijing Ceramics & Sundry Goods Co.
1. Company Profile:
Beijing Ceramics & Sundry Goods Co., Ltd. (BCSG), founded in 1963 , is a municipal collective enterprise directly under the Beijing  Municipal Cooperative, possessing 17 subsidiary companies, such as Gulou Food Machinery Co., Jingdezhen Art Porcelain Service Co., and some other well-known enterprises in Beijing. We are engaged in the marketing of daily-use sundry goods, fireworks, cooking machineries, various ceramics, commodities for summer use, etc.

2. Warehouse and Workshops for Renting 
2.1 Geographical Position : located at about 6 kilometers from Huang Chun
railway station, 5 kilometers from Beijing/Tianjin expressway, and 19 kilometers from the city proper of Beijing.
2.2 Warehouse Area: 258 mu, or equivalent to 178,158 m2.
2.3 Warehouse Facilities: 3 deep motor-pumped wells, one 150-ton water tower, 1 set of 160 KW transformer, one 15-meter span 5000 m2 warehouse , one small-sized 1000m2 warehouse, one fishpond with 20-mu water surface, and 70-mu land available for planting and breeding.
2.4  2 newly built workshops: areas 40 กม10 (m2) and 40 กม6(m2) respectively.
3. New equipment for transferring 
  We have one automatic line B2C/14E-O1 designed for making light excursion shoes by injection moulding method.
If interested, please contact:
Lu Haiping; Zhang Yongmei
Tel:  86-10-87289768
Fax:  86-10-87289775 
email: gtar@public.bta.net.cn
Add:  No. 64A, Song Lin Li, Chong Wen District, Beijing
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