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Hello www-html-editor

I found your name on this website if you are not the contact for it please foward this to the proper party.

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We'll start immediately. Submissions are usually completed within 5 working days (Monday to Friday) of receiving your confirmation. 
When will my listings appear?
Some sites post additions immediately, others may take up to several weeks to process submissions. 
How will I know that the submissions were done?
Within days of completion we will provide you with a report detailing exactly where your listing was submitted. If you want to, you can easily go to the sites and check for yourself. Although we can not guarantee that all sites will accept your listing (content may not be appropriate)  Also, we have carefully selected sites that are likely to accept all submissions. 
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SECTION 1: Personal Information 

Your Full Name:__________________________
Your eMail Address:_________________________
Your Phone#:_________________________
Your Fax#:___________________________

SECTION 3: Submission Information

Save Time and Delays by following our guidelines closely. If a length limit is exceeded (for example) we will have to ask you to shorten your information - thus delaying the process. Please do not type in ALL CAPS. 
NOTE: Each submission site has different submission forms. We will complete all available fields, however, all of the following information may not be listed at all sites. 
Company or Business name to include in submissions:

Enter Your Web Page Title:_______________________________
NOTES: Your title should be no more than 40 CHARACTERS and include good keywords that describe the content of your Web page. Also, if you want it to appear near the top of alphabetically arranged lists and directories try and have the first letter of the title be an "A", "B", or "C" etc. Whatever you do, it should look like it belongs there or it may get chopped of by a site administrator. It doesn't necessarily have to match your actual Web Page title. In our opinion, it is redundant to include words such as "home page", "corporation" or other redundant words that are unlikely to be searched for, or that that unlikely to entice the viewer to click on YOUR title. You have only a few seconds to get a web surfers attention! 
Enter the URL for your Web Page:___________________________________
NOTE: If you wish to have us submit more than one web page please fill out and submit this form for each individual page (simply fill out the form, submit it, make any necessary changes and submit it again). We can submit any page that has a unique URL.

Suggest a possible category to place your listings in:


Enter a DESCRIPTION of the nature of your Web page (it MUST be 25 WORDS or less). Use good words in your description so that when a directory is searched your listing will be returned. Make sure you include your most important KEYWORDS as only a few sites have a field that allow us to submit KEYWORDS as a separate item. Don't overlook the obvious (computers, software, travel, book, gifts, etc.)!: 

Enter an alternate Short DESCRIPTION of the nature of your Web page (8 WORDS or less). We will use the long description wherever possible: 


Enter up to 20 single KEYWORDS (separated by spaces) that best describe the content of your Web page: 


Person's name to include in submissions:

eMail address to include in submissions:

Phone number with area code to include in submissions:

Fax number with area code to include in submissions (RECOMMENDED):

Toll Free 0800 number to include in submissions (if available):


Mailing Address to include in submissions: 


SECTION 3: Payment Information
Under no circumstances will any work commence
until a valid form of payment is received!
NOTE:  you can call us in person at our voice or Fax number, OR you may fill out this form, print it out and Fax it to us. 
Lucid Technologies Inc
5646 Wellesly Pk. Dr.
Boca Raton, FL 33433
Our voice number is: 561-347-7304, our Fax number is: 561-347-7304
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Method of Payment: We Accept Check by Fax  or Credit cards 

If paying by Credit Card we will need the following information
We accept Visa, Mastercard, Diners Club

Card Holders Name: _______________________________

Mailing Address For Credit Card bill:
Street: _______________________
City:_______  State:___________  ZIP:____________
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Please Print Out this Form Take a blank check write void on it  and tape it to this form and fax it back to us and enter your drivers licence number or state id here


Tape Check here

Fax this form to 561-347-7304
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