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30 day introductory offer

From: <br549@msn.com>
Date: Thu, 3 Sep 1998 03:56:27
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Need fresh AOL addresses ?

I'm sending this to a select few internet Entrepreneurs.

Brand new to the internet  AOL E-Mail Extractor.

Chat Rooms, Lobbies & Member Directory 

and it Verifies.  Collect them at the 

rate of up to 90,000 per hour.

This is a 30 day introductory offer.  

Get yours before the window closes 

on this low introductory price.

All This For Only  $99.00.   

Ready to order now !  

e-mail jimbo16@hotmail.com  

with / Ordering Info in the subject. 

We will only except checks due to the 
credit card fraud on the internet lately.
This is to protect you also. 

The regular price will be $395.00 after this 30 day offer.

If you would  like ordering information please send e-mail to 

jimbo16@hotmail.com  with ordering info. in the subject line.

Due to the speed and nature of this program you must have  
America Online 3.0 for Windows 95 Only !

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Federal requirements for commercial email as 
well as the Washington State Commercial Email Bill. 
For additional information see: 
EMailAmendText.html Washington State Commercial Email Bill: 
http://ww.wa.gov/wwweb/AGO/junkemail/Required Sender Information: 
shelly45@backpackers.coml Further mailings to you may be 
stopped at no cost to you by sending e-mail to  
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