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Small errors in HTML4.0 spec. . .

From: <bayoan@caribe.net>
Date: Wed, 11 Mar 1998 00:27:31 -0400
Message-ID: <350612B2.742D076F@caribe.net>
To: www-html-editor@w3.org
Hello, I am one of the Spanish translators.  I am currently reading the
spec, and I've found two minor glitches.

Section 6.6 (Lengths) on the second line, which is denominated "1.
Pixels:"  Says that "The value (...) is integer".  I beleive it should
read "The value (...) is an integer".

Section 8.2.3 (Setting the direction of embedded text).  If it makes it
any easier, the errror is approximately on the fifth (5th) paragraph of
page 76 of the PDF version.  It is the line that describes "two embedded
direction changes", the line reads:

<!-- english1 <span dir="RTL">HEBREW2 english3 HEBREW4</span> english5
HEBREW6 --> **Comment containers added by me**

I think the line should read:

<!-- english1 <span dir="RTL">HEBREW2 <span dir="LTR">english3</span>
HEBREW4</span> english5 HEBREW6 --> **Comment containers added by me**

In other words, I think one of the 'directionality' changes is missing.
If this last 'error' is actually a misunderstanding on my part, I would
greatly appreciate it if one of you three gentlemen would let me know.
I am an electrical engineering undergraduate senior and I would feel
much better knowing that I really understand the bidirectional

Thanks a lot, I hope I have been of some service.
Naim Merheb-Emanuelli
URL:  http://netdial.caribe.net/~bayoan/
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