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I visited you web site a few weeks ago and noticed you had a interest in Vietnam.  I have encluded a summary of a facinating book which is unknown to nearly everyone except a handful of surviving OSS veterans, a few knowledgeable academics and scholars.

Read this summary of the book it's very interesting.
HO CHI MINH was working for American intelligence in Indochina during World War II, from 1943 through 1945.  Although trained in Moscow, he was primarily a nationalist seeking independence for his country, and sympathetically pro-American.  
We financed and advised Ho until late 1945--when we betrayed him and gave Indochina back to the French.
We financed and advised the French until 1954--when we betrayed them and gave Indochina to Diem.

We financed and advised Diem until 1963--when we betrayed him and gave Indochina to a succession of other failing leaders.

And sent in hundreds of thousands of troops.
"OUR HO", fact and fiction by Alan Trustman, author of the 1994 novel "FATHER'S DAY" and a dozen produced movies including the two Steve McQueen classics, "THE THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR" and "BULLITT", is an action-adventure, love story and mystery set against the background of what really happened during the early years in Vietnam.  The book is available now only from amazon.com and barnesandnoble.com on the net, and from the 800 number of Upper Access in Vermont.  It will not be available in book stores for 60 days.
The truth about Ho's pro-American days has been published previously in sources largely unread and out of print, but it was omitted from the Pentagon Papers.  Why?

There is more: During World War II, Ho rescued our downed pilots and provided information on Japanese troop movements. Our Navy and OSS loved him.  At the end of the war he adopted a constitution similar to ours and declared independence. He disbanded the Communist Party and called for a general election with all parties participating.  The Americans on the scene were treated as heroes, loved and celebrated by everyone. 
The book identifies living OSS witnesses who were there at the time and the excellent BBC documentary interviewing them and showing Ho Chi Minh declaring Vietnamese independence.  Can you imagine--Ho Chi Minh quoting the American Declaration of Independence? 
The author is a political conservative.  He was a supporter of the war, and of the men who were fighting it even more than the war, but he believes that the American people, particularly those who fought the war, are entitled to know what really happened.
"OUR HO", fact and fiction by Alan Trustman, available from Upper Access in Vermont and on the net from http://www.amazon.com and http://www.barnesandnoble.com.
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