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Life Without Debt

From: <ezbiz@mail-info.com>
Date: Wed, 27 May 1998 17:43:12
Message-Id: <199805280117.VAA12146@www10.w3.org>

   Are credit cards, auto loans, and mortgage
payments taking over your life? Is your paycheck
spent before you get it?

   Personal debt is the most serious problem
that most people face today. Pressure to keep
buying on credit is created by mass marketing,
and way too easy to get credit.

   There is a way out! It is legal, ethical,
and moral. You will feel good about yourself
as you progress through our course, and rid
yourself of debt's destructive forces.You will
learn how to compound $5.00 into $780.00 then
how to compound $25.00 into $3900.00 and begin
to rid yourself of debt. 

   For only $5.00 you will be entered into our
program. You will receive a complete easy to 
follow guide along with an audio tape that will
open you eyes to debts deadly force on your
attempts to raise your standard of living.

   To get started send $5.00 in US funds only.
This plan does apply and can be used by anyone in
any country.

   PO Box 260
   Lanoka Harbor NJ 08734

   Please include your name, address, phone number.

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