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                                         That's  Right!
Because of this new way of doing business YOU no longer have to:

           Make Phone Calls, Appointments or Presentations,
                                      Attend Meetings,
                         Sell Family, Friends or Anybody

                           Unless YOU Choose To Do so

Instead of asking you to make the contacts and sell new members, we
use our E-Mail Marketing Letters to make the contacts and our 
Web Page, our Fax On Demand Information Center, our News Center, 
our Downline Builder and Maintance Program, our Message Center and 
our TelaFrend Support Staff to do the selling for you.  We have termed this:

                            No Selling     Just E- Mailing

We Currently Have People Earning $500.00 to $10,000.00 And More 
                                       Each Week.

Here's How It Works:

When you sign up with TelaFrend, we send out 10,000 pre-tested 
E-Mail Marketing Letters on your behalf.    You will receive credit and
compensation for all new distributors who join under you as a result 
of your letter. Telefrend will place each new distributor in the position 
in your downline which will maximize your earnings.

Each new distributor who signs up under you receives the same program
and follows the same procedures.  You receive credit and compensation
for all new distributors who sign up under them in your downline. You 
can therefore understand how important it is to get in now and you can 
realize how quickly your downline and compensation will grow. 

                                    The simple truth is

                         OPPORTUNITY IS KNOCKING.
           Now is your chance for financial freedom.   Act Now.

For Details On Our Program:

<A HREF="mailto:tfsi@hotmail.com">
Click here</A> to leave us an E-Mail at: tfsi@hotmail.com.

Call our TelaFrend Message Center @ 1-888-771-9338 

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