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A couple of errors, a question, and a suggestion

From: MegaZone <megazone@livingston.com>
Date: Sat, 20 Sep 1997 23:04:31 -0700 (PDT)
Message-Id: <199709210604.XAA11433@server.livingston.com>
To: www-html-editor@w3.org
Page 103-104 - width def:

Last line of page 103 - '...the special form "0*".'
Last sentence of same paragraph, on page 104 - '...then specifying "*0"...'

I believe the second is reversed.

Same thing was done for the width def on page 105.

Page 126, second code example.  All of your ids are 'id="section1"'.  I
believe you meant to have section1, section2, and section2.1.


In the long table code sample on page 111 you sometimes fill in all of
the columns by putting in empty cells (<TD></TD>), but sometimes you do 
not...  Oh, let me go find it online to make it easy. :-)

<TABLE border="border">
  Travel Expense Report
  <TH id="a2" axis="category">Meals</TH>
  <TH id="a3" axis="category">Hotels</TH>
  <TH id="a4" axis="category">Transport</TH>
  <TD id="a5" axis="subtotal">subtotal</TD>

OK - it is 5 columns.

  <TH id="a6" axis="location">San Jose</TH>

Here you, for some reason, fill in 3 dummy cells, but not the 4th.

  <TD id="a7" axis="day">25-Aug-97</TD>
  <TD axes="a6 a7 a2">37.74</TD>
  <TD axes="a6 a7 a3">112.00</TD>
  <TD axes="a6 a7 a4">45.00</TD>

Here you do fill in all the way to the 5th.

  <TD id="a8" axis="day">26-Aug-97</TD>
  <TD axes="a6 a8 a2">27.28</TD>
  <TD axes="a6 a8 a3">112.00</TD>
  <TD axes="a6 a8 a4">45.00</TD>

And again.

  <TD id="a9" axis="subtotal">subtotal</TD>
  <TD axes="a9 a6 a2">65.02</TD>
  <TD axes="a9 a6 a3">224.00</TD>
  <TD axes="a9 a6 a4">90.00</TD>
  <TD axes="a9 a6">379.02</TD>
  <TH id="a10" axis="location">Seattle</TH>

Here you do not.

  <TD id="a11" axis="day">27-Aug-97</TD>
  <TD axes="a10 a11 a2">96.25</TD>
  <TD axes="a10 a11 a3">109.00</TD>
  <TD axes="a10 a11 a4">36.00</TD>


  <TD id="a12" axis="day">28-Aug-97</TD>
  <TD axes="a10 a12 a2">35.00</TD>
  <TD axes="a10 a12 a3">109.00</TD>
  <TD axes="a10 a12 a4">36.00</TD>


  <TD id="a13" axis="subtotal">subtotal</TD>
  <TD axes="a13 a10 a2">131.25</TD>
  <TD axes="a13 a10 a3">218.00</TD>
  <TD axes="a13 a10 a4">72.00</TD>
  <TD axes="a13 a10">421.25</TD>
  <TH id="a14" axis="totals">Totals</TH>
  <TD axes="a14 a2">196.27</TD>
  <TD axes="a14 a3">442.00</TD>
  <TD axes="a14 a4">162.00</TD>
  <TD axes="a14">800.27</TD>

Now, I know that on the two short rows it will be filled in by the UA.
But my concern is with novices who are reading this, and who tend to put
weight on any inconsitency as 'meaning something'.  I'd either fill them
all in to 5 columns total, or don't bother with the dummy cells.


Both COLGROUP and COL have a 'span' attribute.  I see that COL's span has
a special value of '0' which mwans to span the remaining columns.  Yet it
does not appear that COLGROUPS's span has the same special value.  Is
this an oversight, or is it deliberate?

Suggestion.  For consistency, can the special value be changed to 0* to match
width's 0* and i*?  You know people are going to get them confused with
two attributes on the same element with special values so close to being
the same.

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