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Id and style

From: Claus Poertner <Claus.Poertner@econ.ku.dk>
Date: Fri, 22 Aug 1997 15:57:57 +0200
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it is mentioned that "to limit the scope of the style information to a
single instance...,set the id attribute". I have tried the examples
provided and neither seems to work with Navigator 4.02 or Explorer 3.02.
As far as I understand the section on id, the point is to provide a
unique name for a part of a document, as in the example given in


where both class and id is used in <pre ...> and in


where they are used in <div ...>.

I find it a bit peculiar why one would want to limit the occurence of a
style element to just one instance. It would be just as easy to call
class the one time where the style element is needed and use id to refer
to that part of the document.

Yours sincerely,

Claus Pörtner

Claus Chr. Pörtner
Institute of Economics, University of Copenhagen
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