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You're a Mining Company Netfind!

From: Judy Litt <graphicdesign.guide@miningco.com>
Date: Thu, 17 Jul 97 14:34:31 GMT
To: www-html-editor@w3.org
Message-ID: <M.071797.093431.73@jump-dialup-1002.jumpnet.com>

I'm the Mining Company graphic design guide. That means it's my 
job to mine the net for resources of 
interest to the graphic design community, & present those 
resources in a clear & concise manner. 

Each week I pick several sites to be included in the Netfinds 
section of my site 
(http://graphicdesign.miningco.com/mbody.htm). It's either new - 
or new to me - information of interest to the 
graphic design community. Some of these resources will also be 
moved into the resource list 

The Netfinds only appear for one week, and are refreshed every 
Thursday. I've included your site in this 
week's Netfinds, & invite you to come & take a look.

Judy Litt                 Mining Company guide to Graphic Design
QuaLitty Design           http://graphicdesign.miningco.com/
http://www.qualitty.com/  Demystifying Service Bureaus, Part II
  Specializing in logo, advertising, & web page design
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