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The Webtrader

From: <43578140@22496.com>
Date: Wed, 16 Jul 97 23:40:56 EST
To: business@tradersman.co.uk
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This trade bulletin is brought to you by WEB-DIRECT.  If you are not a business or a trader, or not interested in 
business opportunities, then please send mail to the address below 
and type the word REMOVE in the SUBJECT heading.

If you want to advertise your goods or requirements in the WEBTRADER, please send an e-mail to

and type the word ADVERT in the subject heading.  I will then send you further details.

1.  HIGH GLOSS PAPER AND BUSINESS CARD STOCK for inkjet& Lazer printers.  Need distributors world-wide....
cost is 20 cents/sheet for paper and 27 cents sheet for sheet with 10 business cards(plus shipping).  very fast moving 
item.  Contact: Designs by Denise at  
dall@midwest.net  Tel 1-314 451 2686

2  American Dream Network, Inc.
Explode your home business by becoming the only rep. from your opportunity listed in the International directory.  we set 
up 3-4 line listing, set up your own web-site, submit to 200+ search engines, plus more for $15 per month.

3. GEMSPEC: Dealers in quality and rough cut black opal
The finest selection from Lightning Ridge, NSW Australia at the lowest prices, direct from the miners.

4.For sale:  Only in large bulk shipments and direct from growers, Mills, Refinery - Cement,Urea, Sugar, 
Coffee, Rice, Grains, Metal, Beef, Chick Milk P and more.  Notorised guarantee to supply and ship.  End 
buyers/notorised buyers mandate only.  
http://www.ozemail.co..au/~histkmb   histkb@world.net

5.  For sale.  Lowest priced International telephone calls from Anywhere.
No sign-up or monthly fees.  Keep your existing long distance carrier, if the U.S.A or sign up for Int'l call back service, 
if living outside the U.S.A.  72 hour on-line registration and complete rate schedule at

6. Wanted  Soft Top Socks
We are a Norwegian trade company and we are searching for fine stitched socks for Ladies and Gentlemen.
The socks must tighten as little as possible. Not sport socks. We are also searching for ladies and men's underwear, 
dresses and blouses. Please contact

7. Simply the best Call-back Provider offers you to save up to 70% on your International Calls. Fully Trasparet calls, 
Lowest Prices, Highest quality, Superior Customer Service, Call from anywhere and even earn your flight tickets by 
making your calls. For more details e-mail:

8.  Fancy a lucrative Opportunity to take cash from the bookies???  Very small start up cost.  Be in profit within days.  
This is one of THE BEST as I have tried all the rest.
e-mail  bentref@easynet.co.uk  for details

9.  We supply newsagents, greetings shops, supermarkets, discount stores, gift shops.  Our range of products 
includes greetings cards, soft toys.  if you have a product or a range of products that would sell into this market 
please contact us. (Ireland).  Tel F.Duggan Int'l 353 53 33678  fax 353 53 33711 Mobile 088 524536
e-mail FDUGGAN@iol.ie

10.  A.  Would you like to earn up to $70,000 or more every month right from your homeand..

     B.  We have shocked the entire telecommunication and network marketing industry!  

     C.  MLM R' US http://www.machshev.com/mlm/

Are you marketing on-line.  Want to learn how to do quite a bit better than what you are doing?  For a 
helpful file by auto-responder, simply send a blank e-mail to

12.  To:  Principals Agents and Intermediaries

West-One Enterprises Ltd, Professional Negotiators offer Fiduciary, Trustee and Liaison services designed 
to protect both principals and intermediaries against loss of contracts and/or commission through fraudulent
activities or inappropriate documentation.

The cost for this service is relatively infinitesimal, and is calculated from the total contract value.  The charge 
will range between a fraction of one percent and a maximum of five percent, which is cheap insurance for safety provided.

Additionally, through direct mandate or liaison agreements, we market project loans, medium term bank 
instruments and US T Bills, G-7 currencies, Bullion, Cement, Urea, Sugar, and secondary Petroleum contracts.

In either instance, qualified and registered Intermediaries will be protected through guarantees and pay-orders so 
that contract negotiations can safely continue with confidence.

To be SAFE and SURE

Contact  David M Pipe, president, West-One Enterprises
10030 132nd Street, Surrey, B.C.  CANADA V3T 3T3
T 604 589 1250 F 604 589 1245
Tradenet member

13.  Advertise for free.
You can advertise to tens of millions of prospects absolutely free or in some cases for only pennies a day.  To learn 
how, see our web-site   http://www.JJPLAZA.COM/FREEAD
or fax on demand  USA  281 398 5611 and ask for doc.611

14. Number 4 in UK Index Top 20 web sites
Advertise your business on the premier
U.K. based internet shop window.
You do not need your own web site.
Fantastic testimonials from present users.
For full information within 10 minutes.
Mailto:  city2k@ansaback.com

15.  For sale. Revolutionary door peephole product which shows full upper body of caller even if you are 7 
feet away from the door.  Enables you to see if the caller may be armed.  Useful for disabled persons and for children.
e-mail  security@scpn.demon.co.uk

16.  BMW and Mercedes have reversing sonars, now you can have one on any car.  Self-fit sonars.  Looking for 
distributors.  Low price, good margins.
e-mail  auto@scpn.demon.co.uk

17.  Advertise to millions for next to nothing.  Bulk e-mail software for sale.  Extract e-mail addresses and send to 
them all in one program.
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