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At this time I shall be quite brief in that I do not know if your group
would have any concern, or contacts who are concerned, about an actual
court order by a Texas District Judge that forbids me or my family or 
anyone representing us to "...TELL OR PUBLISH IN ANY MANNER..." [of the 
circumstances surrounding the [seizure of our] property.  

	And since this order was blatantly illegal as well as flagrant 
unconstitutional abuse of our freedom of speech and press;...

... and because by law nobody has to obey an illegal order, my daughter 
posted a PUBLIC NOTICE in the Del Rio, Texas newspaper, exposing the 
bizarre breakin and theft of our home by a corporate VP without warrant, 
writ, or title!

	Immediately, a CONTEMPT OF COURT ORDER was placed against us with 
an ARREST ORDER for all of us for exercising our citizen RIGHTS TO 

	The unbelievable-in-America circumstances, we would later learn 
had developed from NAFTA's need for our strategic property site on the 
new highway to Mexico within minutes of the Border Entry, adjacent to 
railway to and from Mexico. 

	Since the illegal breakin of our homestead on the 1994 Civil 
Rights Holiday, and posting of gun-carrying guards to keep me, a crippled 
widow, and our family from returning into our home, while the investor's 
corporate attorney obtained an illegal TRESPASS TO TRY TITLE ORDER from 
the said judge, ---ur 100+year big historic home on the Texas-Mexico 
border has been demolished as our property site and surrounding two 
blocks were razed to install a massive H.E.Butts mercantile transfer site 
needed by Teamsters, and others importing and exporting with Mexico!

	 [This trade with Mexico was the financial savior of our 
American stock market from which Japan, Germany, and others were 
retreating.  Much higher priority was put on American finances, than on 
American freedoms and lawful rights of innocent citizens.  But even 
worse was the elimination of our FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND PRESS].

	The failure to enforce local, state, federal and Constitutional 
laws by officials entrusted to do so in protection of citizen rights, is 
a valuable story, proven by our adventurous and disastrous 6 year battle 
to obtain the JURY TRIAL to which we were entitled, but never received in 
any of the many courts to which we petitioned.  

	The story is not just about the illegal seizure of one family's 
multigenerational refuge homestead and property.  It touches into many 
puzzling factors involved with unanswerable corporate takeover of our 
government and financial affairs;..not the least of which is burgeoning 
HOMELESSNESS created by a questionable FORECLOSURE INDUSTRY operating to 
the profit of government and the kind of corporate entities who conspired 
to steal our home while officials stood back and did nothing to protect 
us. It's been noted that white-collar crime is thousands of times worse 
than street crime, but seldom caught or prosecuted.  We learned why!

	 AND IN FACT, EVEN WORSE, with assistance from the judiciary, 
true STORY of corporate conspiracy and government coverup,....even before 
it is written.  Nor would the corporate owned and controlled media 
investigate our predicament.  

	The FEAR of lost funding and lost advertising; FEAR of political 
become the law of the land.  

	Would this FEAR also attach to your www work, if I was to go 
ahead and write the story that details the tricks and methods and ways 
that people are losing their homes?  If I sought to publish the story on 
the net without askin remuneration, would it help the worldwide web fight 
off impending censorship?  

	From our own bizarre experience, I could tell how the conspiracy 
between corporate and government profiteers can be defanged if only the 
www remains uncensored, and the U.S. public demands the FREEDOMS 
given by our American Constitution and Bill of Rights remain in effect 
and are actively enforced, despite the terrorisms that are being employed 
to control the world with FEAR.  

	Any comments or ideas or suggestions would be most welcome.  
Thank you for your time.  Just be assured that what I have said is true 
and I and my children and grandchildren beneficiaries of the CLARKSON 
INTERVIVOS TRUST OF VAL VERDE COUNTY, TEXAS, have full documentation to 
WRITTEN, [an illegal ORDER made with the full cooperation of the U.S. 
Justice Dept. and its' law enforcement agencies].  

	The warrant for my family's and my arrest will most certainly 
become a priority when what I'm telling you, goes out on the world web. 
Due to my fragile heart and health, a day in jail would be my death 
sentence.  Scarey?  Other writers should pay serious attention to this 
proof of lost FREEDOM OF PRESS in America, which the worldmafia wants 
kept secret as long as possible.  

	As for H.E.B., the great bargains shopping store, they paid $10. 
for our %100,000. property to which they knew they had no legal title.  
But the realtor that arranged the deal [Century 21] is owned and 
protected by Metropolitan Insurance Co., so they knew they had nothing to 
fear from OUR LEGAL TITLE; or from the local and national authorities who 
saw greater need for the economics of that BORDER international trade 
zone in Del Rio, Texas, than the need to preserve the FREEDOMS FROM FEAR 
for which millions have died to protect. 

	 Should anyone wish to examine the county, state and federal 
court records, I would be happy to provide you with the case numbers and 
places they can be found, despite the judge's order that our title 
records be eliminated. I would be even happier if a patriotic attorney 
was to come forth and take up the liberty banner we waved unseen by 
officials with the eyes and power to see.  I would be most grateful for 
such a defender to take up our cause and obtain recompense.

``` [Actually, in fairness I should add that the Sheriff, Police, and 
other officials whose noses we wiped with the American flag and it's 
meaning, eventually refused to help the "investor" after 6 years of our 
proving our claims.  Which was why the VP of an Austin investment company 
had to come in person when nobody was home, to break into our home like 
the thief he is.  Of course our local officials turned deaf ears to our 
pleas for help against the trespassers; but it should be noted they did 
not help take our home that Civil Rights holiday].

 	In tribute to the power of the pen and writers who dare use it, I 
might point out that it appears that the opposition forces were made 
quite uncomfortable to learn that the old woman who owned that property 
was not only a writer, but a former legal secretary and civil rights 
advocate/publisher for a concerned citizens group in the 1960's.  She had 
not forgotten what she learned in her stronger years.  I think my pen and 
familiarity with court tactics, gave them cause to wish they'd targeted 
some other property.  But of course, those who cooperated were promoted, 
while those who stood down have been replaced.  The list of names is long 
and in high places as well as low. 

	 Since like thousands of others who are losing their property, we 
could not afford an attorney, so our court pursuits were always penned in 
PROPRIA PERSONA, which the law provides....although the courts do not any 
longer!  Those with eyes should notice efforts to do away with the rights 
of individuals to represent themselves in the courts.  Attorneys can be 
controlled through loss of licenses, but a citizen armed with FREEDOM OF 
SPEECH, frightens the court system, and it therefore will not allow the 
legally mandated JURY trial to decide the questions that the government 
and worldmafia powers do not want asked in public.  

	It was indeed a time of enlightenment for myself and my children 
who had simply assumed the LAWS WOULD BE ENFORCED, not avoided by the 
very people we thought were empowered to protect us and our rights. It 
was a WAKEUP CALL;...when Waco, Wounded Knee, and other incidents of 
elimination of civil rights had not been loud enough to concern us.

	But now that we know the truth, and can witness our story of 
POWER ABUSE firsthand, we are forbidden to tell it or write it. Now that 
is real censorship, carved in the stone of a Texas courthouse, and in the 
new Del Rio federal building whose director denied knowledge of Federal 
Marshals standing around [seen by our neighbors] while the criminal act 
of a Texas mortgage businessman was carried out, breaking into our home. 
	Hopefully, that will be of interest to other writers and 
publishers and authors before it is too late for the www to save 
its' magnificent power to communicate truth across the globe.  

	CENSORSHIP takes many forms, and I fear that certain forces now 
INUNDATE THE NETWORKS WITH OBSCENITY to deliberately instill fear and 
revulsion, the historically successful ploy  to close the public mind 
from protecting the powerful right of freedom to communicate.  

	What do you think about all of this?  Should a writer be censored 
before the pen has written, or the tongue has spoken?

	c/o P.O.Box 1636, Brackettville, Texas 78832
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