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Frames vrs no-frames

From: <acting_President@HoTMaiL.com>
Date: Wed, 9 Apr 1997 19:27:19 -1000
Message-Id: <199704100527.TAA14685@netra>
To: www-html-editor@w3.org
Dear Sirs and Madams:
An adjustment to frames to bring them to expectation:

frame src=address, where address={} [may] be a blank, as you have indicated
but, where src is absent altogether [must] be the default self-same document

for example
when a calling document specifies doc.html#middle, both frames-agile and 
nonframes browsers must handle the case properly - specifically, the called
document should appear at the name=middle anchor [high as possible on-screen]
which means the frames-agile browser must feed-through the #middle parameter,
which is only possible if src is absent, not merely null-valued: as src=#top
must act as an override to the calling-document's requested #middle.

I've more to say, but I note that noframes ought also be a parameter within
the frame element to disable subsequent deeper framing [like outlines are
oft displayed only two or three levels deep on a given document] ....

I'll also say that it is not clear how you distinguish /frameset, body, and 
noframes, unless you intend to have some portion of body rendered as I have 
explained above, and some portions within the body not rendered when framed.

And furthermore, NetScape and MSIE, having implemented frames without these
finishing touches, should 'fix' their browsers to send a terminate signal 
to the server [especially on 28.8K modems] upon recent of {noframes, etc.}.
Amazingly I have detected rendering in the thin line of the border on MSIE,
unless noframes is specified ....

I'd have wanted originally the possibility to include a frameset into the
header of an existing document to enhance itself with additional extra-frame
pointers and banners ... compatibility is not cheap nor expensive: it's true.

Mr. Raymond Kenneth Petry
[also posted Deprecate Frames reentrancy by VirtualCustodian@mailmasher.com,
or one of my mailmasher accounts ... long story: mailmasher's not recovered]
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