Protect Your Computer Privacy $12.95

Worried about the data on your computer?  Wondering if your boss, spouse, the government etc., is checking your files? 
Want to totally eliminate files on your computer?  If you are concerned about the privacy of the data on your computer,
then you should own a copy of WRITEOUT, the Greatest Electronic File Shredder on the Planet.

Most people don't know that when you delete a file on your computer and send it to the "Recycle Bin," it is still there,
and is at RISK.  The best way to describe WRITEOUT is to use the traditional analogy of the Paper Shredder.  Most 
companies and many individuals use Paper Shredders to protect their privacy.  WRITEOUT shreds files on your computer
so that they can NEVER be recovered by anyone.  Using a special Binary Algorithm, WRITEOUT totally eliminates
the files that you feel are sensitive.  Type in a keyword or anything in the document, find the file/document, view it, and
then choose to shred the file. And once again, once the file is shredded, it can never be recovered.  And at just $12.95,
it is an investment that anyone who is concerned about their data should make.  For just $12.95, we will ship you a copy
of WRITEOUT on CD-ROM with an online manual.  Protect yourself and your data....order today!

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