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Hi, We would like to welcome you to
<a href="http://www.escortplanet.net"><b>www.EscortPlanet.net</b></a>.
We offer free message boards and all kinds of advertising space. I know your
saying I get this all the time what's the difference. The difference is we
offer the best of both worlds for the provider and hobbyist alike. The site
is a combination of an advertising site for providers and free message boards
to look up reviews on the provider you have chosen from there ad on the same
site its like 1 stop shopping. Well, take a look at the site if you would
like advertising information just reply to this email or go to contact us on
the site.Remember there is no up front money.And the first month or more is
free on all advertising.
                                                  Escort Planet Admin.
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<a href="http://www.escortplanet.net"><b>www.EscortPlanet.net</b></a>