Re: etymology (sp?) of "Home Page"

Daniel's proposal of "welcome page" vs. "home page" pointing inwards vs. outwards makes perfect sense. Unfortunately (?) sense is not the only factor in the evolution of a language. Nevertheless individuals and minorities should stick to their proposals when they do make sense. (I also have my fights, e.g. I am a linguist from Portugal sticking to "lingua" (human natural language) as the sensible translate of "natural language" whereas the majority (99.99999%) translates e.g. "natural language processing" into "processamento da lingua natural" which contains a stupid redundancy.)

I also suspect that this subject is not appropriate to the www-history list, but it was too interesting to let go. Anyway I dont understant what the www-history list is about, and I am not alone. I suggest this point is made clearer by those who do know. (Personally I came to this list to check if it was about the history of the WWW, as I want to post a question on the future of the thing, and future will be history.)

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