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RE: New XPath extension function called xslt()

From: <Toman_Vojtech@emc.com>
Date: Fri, 7 May 2010 08:01:18 -0400
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FYI, at EMC we are working on making our Calumet XProc processor (originally Java-based) available also as a 100% JavaScript component. We already have a version that works across the major web browsers and supports most of the required XProc features.


I have already demoed the JavaScript version of Calumet a couple of times. What might be interesting for the XForms folks is that we have also experimented with combining client-side XProc together with client-side XForms (using our Formula XForms implementation). Most of the examples we have revolve around using XForms for adding interactivity to XProc pipelines: for instance, an XForms extension XProc step can be used for displaying XForms (static or dynamically generated) to the end-user while executing the pipeline. This allows for defining XML-based interactive procedures that execute completely on the client-side, with no interaction with the server-side.


We haven't tried the opposite direction (using XProc in XForms) yet, but I don't see why this shouldn't be possible.






Vojtech Toman

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Thinking of the nice idea abour XQuery and XProc in broswer, through "transform" action:
XQuery - by using http://www.xqib.org/
XProc - by using xprocxq (developed by Jim Fuller) on top of xqib.


Claudius Teodorescu

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