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Re: case element documentation

From: Aaron Reed <aaronr@us.ibm.com>
Date: Wed, 10 Jun 2009 11:35:48 -0500
To: www-forms@w3.org
Message-ID: <h0onf6$fps$1@ger.gmane.org>
Works for me.  Thanks.

John Boyer wrote:
> Hi Aaron,
> The working group discussed the issues today and came to the following 
> decisions:
> 1) The editor can add cross links between the two case element sections 
> to help with clarity.  As you may know, the working group recently 
> resolved to take a particular version of the specification forward to 
> PR, and that document won't include the clarification.  However, as it 
> is a minor editorial change, it is the kind of thing we can apply to the 
> PR before going to REC.
> 2) The XForms 1.1 schema did already contain the correct case element 
> for toggle as a local element.  For greater clarity in the schema, the 
> case element that is supposed to be a child of switch was moved out of 
> the global space and into the local space of the switch element.  So, 
> now it should be clearer that there is no "the" in "the case element". 
>  There is "the switch's local case element" and "the toggle's local case 
> element".
> Thank you,
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> From: 	Aaron Reed <aaronr@us.ibm.com>
> To: 	www-forms@w3.org
> Date: 	06/08/2009 11:57 AM
> Subject: 	case element documentation
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Hi,
> I didn't realize that xf:case could live under toggle and that it would
> have either @selected or @value as attributes depending on whether it
> lived under switch or toggle.  Ummm, confusing?  Not only confusing to
> me, but not really spelled out anywhere (although the 'child of toggle'
> section mentions the other kind of case, also).  I would have expected
> some kind of note pointing to both of its usages, trying to eliminate as
> much confusion as possible.  Since there is no index to the spec, I
> expect that the first link I find to 'case element' will give me all of
> the information about the case element.  I expect this for all of the
> elements in the spec.  If it is too late to have this in the 1.1 spec, I
> hope that it will be considered for the next version of the spec.  A
> 'one stop shopping' for all information on each element by name.
> I also noticed in the schema that 'value' isn't a valid attribute on
> case yet it is documented that it is.  Is the schema not finalized, yet?
> --Aaron
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