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[ANN] Chiba 2

From: Sebastian Schnitzenbaumer <sebastian@dreamlab.net>
Date: Thu, 29 Mar 2007 18:21:51 +0200
Message-ID: <460BE79F.1040505@dreamlab.net>
To: www-forms@w3.org
CC: w3c-forms@w3.org, Joern Turner <joern.turner@dreamlab.net>, Ulrich Nicolas Lissť <unl@dreamlab.net>

Dear XForms Community,

I am happy to inform you that Chiba Version 2 has 
been released today. I believe its one of the most 
  important XForms implementation to date - 
zero-install, validated in many commercial 
projects, flexible to integrate, and now in 
version 2 with both a client-side AJAX XForms 
implementation together with the existing 
server-side script-free XForms implementation as a 
fall-back and for less capable devices.

XML end-to-end and all the way to client with 
XForms delivered today thru Chiba on the last mile 
to the customer, together with XML databases such 
as eXist is a combination Kurt Cagle recently also 
concluded "will likely prove a potent one in the 
future." [1]

Please join me in congratulating Joern and Ulrich 
together with all the contributors on the 
SourceForce Project on this important milestone 
for using XForms today.

Original announcement post from Joern on 
chiba-developer@lists.sourceforge.net follows.

All the best,

- Sebastian



Hello *,

a new version of Chiba Web is out along with a 
live Demo available from
the Chiba homepage (http://chiba.sourceforge.net).

The new version can be downloaded from

A brandnew Wiki has been set up and will be the 
source for all
documentation in the future. It's still pretty 
nude but this will change
in next days.

As the modifications are too numerous to be 
described here in narrative
text here an excerpt from the changes:

Changes from 2.0.0rc1 to 2.0.0
- re-implemented upload progression tracking
- session handling:
      * multiple session support added
      * refactored session key handling ->  new 
XFormsSession class
      * XFormsSessionManager introduced
      * made XFormsSessionManager pluggable 
through web.xml
- UI:
      * allowing to mix html forms with XForms
      * added some scriptaculous effects
      * support for input/@type="boolean" added
      * rendering support for 
output@mediatype="image/*" added
      * implemented trigger/@appearance="minimal" 
as hyperlink
      * added visual hint in case a submission 
fails due to empty
required fields
      * refactored repeat/@appearance='compact' to 
support columns
without label and non-XForms columns
      * changed XSLTs to support namespaced and 
non-namespaced XForms
      * added basic support for <xf:output 
      * integrated FCKEditor for rich-text editing
      * removed overlib popup lib
      * added simple help support
      * xf:switch now works inside xf:repeat
      * upgraded to Dojo 0.4
      * added support for a composite date control 
in non-scripted mode
      * reworked head template to include meta, 
base, link, style and
script tags in order
      * fixed CSS import behavior
      * fixed bug [1482115] Table header for 
not updated
      * added additional CSS classes to compact 
repeat to allow styling
of columns
      * XSLT now correctly matches XForms controls 
in case no surrounding
group is present
      * fix: Dont show dojo code for a trigger 
when in non-scripted mode
- scripting:
      * fixed problem saying '$(element) has no 
properties' at submit
      * added page exit confirmation dialog in 
scripted mode when data
are changed
      * fixed bug with textarea when not using 
      * integrated Dojo toolkit for dynamic 
creation of widgets for
boolean, date, upload controls, link (at the moment)
      * introduced widget classes and moved some 
funcions from
FluxInterface.js to respective widget class
      * replaced DateControl with version from 
Dojo toolkit
- bugs:
      * fixed bug [ 1438024 ] NullPointerException 
in EventLog
      * fixed bug 1490143: Processor shutdown on 
xf:load not happening
      * fixed bug [ 1497167 ] repeated delete 
action fails
      * fixed upload behavior - no duplicate 
uploading of files any more
      * fixed [ 1665089 ] Problem with input bound 
to xs:boolean,
xs:date,... in repeat
      * fixed [ 1666070 ] setvalue action with 
date failing
      * fixed problem in controls.xhtml saying 
'widget.type has no
      * fixed bug [ 1502282 ] forms.jsp directory 
      * fixed bug [ 1656034 ] XForms 
days-from-date function accepts none
valid date stri..
      * applied patch [ 1622353 ] java 1.4 
      * applied patch [ 1630626 ] Better HTTP Error
- fixed response encoding. Now UTF-8 is always 
used as encoding for
response stream
- refactored repeat index updating
- refactored HttpRequestHandler
- introduced AbstractChibaServlet to fix issues 
with double init  (patch
[ 1659356 ])
- introduced PFG pattern to avoid back button 
problems with reloading
posted page - stepping back now fires a new GET
- added a JS page-exit handler that complains if 
changed data exist and
allows cancellation of page exit

Ahh, of course there are still issues - for the 
list see

Have fun,

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