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Re: xf:switch inside xf:repeat ...

From: John Boyer <boyerj@ca.ibm.com>
Date: Fri, 5 Jan 2007 11:41:38 -0800
To: Sébastien CRAMATTE <contact@zeninteractif.com>
Cc: www-forms@w3.org, www-forms-request@w3.org
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Hi Sebastian,

Happy New Year to you as well!

Please see Erratum E32: 

You will need an XForms processor that conforms to this erratum, but it 
does explain how IDREFs are resolved in repeated content.

If you find that the latest version of your favorite processor doesn't 
conform, please send the implementers a note so they will know you need 
the update.

Best regards,
John M. Boyer, Ph.D.
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Sébastien CRAMATTE <contact@zeninteractif.com> 
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01/05/2007 05:34 AM


xf:switch inside xf:repeat ...


First of all  happy to new year !

Well I've trie to use "switch" element inside  "repeat" element  with a
"toggle action"
What happens is that each "switch" case have got an ID that should be
unique ... isn't it ?
But in a "repeat" context the repeated block will have same ID o no ID
at all ... so  how it possible to use "switch + toggle" inside  "repeat"
context ?

     <form:repeat nodeset="qos:class">
              <form:input ref="@enable">

              <form:group ref=".">
                <form:label value="concat(@id,' ',qos:label/text())" />

              <form:input ref="qos:rate">

              <form:input ref="qos:ceil" >

              <form:range ref="qos:prio" start="1" end="10" step="1">
                <form:label value="concat('Prioridad ',.,':')" />

                <form:case id="c1">
                                <form:toggle case="c2"
ev:event="DOMActivate" />
                <form:case id="c2">
                        Hello world

Note that my XML instance have got three "qos:class" nodes and logically
the "repeat module" copy the switch block 3 times ...
Does anyone have got any ideas ? Does it possible to achieve this ?

Best regards
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