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[Announcement] Mozilla XForms Extension Preview Release 0.7

From: Aaron Reed <aaronr@us.ibm.com>
Date: Tue, 17 Oct 2006 14:11:12 -0500
To: www-forms@w3.org
Message-ID: <eh39uo$ml4$1@sea.gmane.org>

Mozilla XForms Extension Preview Release 0.7
-- "So I got that going for me, which is nice."

The Mozilla XForms project is proud to announce version 0.7 of our 
extension.  The "change log" of the most important things can be found 
at the end of this email.

For a complete list of what is, and what is not, supported, please see 
the release notes: 

Executive summary

* partial support for attribute-based repeats
* improved accessibility for controls
* even better schema support
* optimization with large itemsets

You can find download and install instructions on our download page:

Note: You need to run Firefox ( or later) or SeaMonkey (1.0.3 or 
later) to use the extension.

We look forward to feedback on the extension, on the mailing list, on 
IRC, or through bug reports. For details, see our feedback page: 

Known Bugs
All known bugs can be found in the Bugzilla system.


Change Log

Basic functionality:
* Support attribute-based repeats (first step) (bug 280368)
* Need an nsIXFormsDelegate::SetRelevant() method (bug 313313)
* a11y: binding exception dialog needs some accessibility changes (bug 
* label's accessors getValue() method should return explicit content too 
(bug 327239)
* need a method to get current value of xforms controls (bug 337250)
* bind/@relevant fails to apply to attribute serialization (bug 342227)
* disabled group displays by default (bug 342473)
* Input should not alter invalid/out-of-range data (bug 343905)
* item labels of select don't focus select on click (bug 344387)
* xforms message should be resizeable and showed inside dialog (bug 344473)
* Instance docs with doc-level comments and processing instructions are 
stripped during submission (bug 344621)
* input[type="boolean"].xf-value has no effect, missing class="xf-value" 
in XBL (bug 345506)
* Performance problem with large itemsets (bug 346325)
* crash calling refresh() during a refresh (bug 351879)
* label click issues for select1[appearance='full'] (bug 353598)
* clicking on xf:label should activate xf:input/xhtml:input (bug 284068)
* label click doesn't focus select/select1 properly (bug 344379)
* input/secret/textarea should not be allowed to bind to 
xsd:base64Binary or xsd:hexBinary (bug 331984)
* select1 should allow values with spaces (bug 351901)
* support UI bindings for derived data types (bug 316691)
* issue positioning select1 and datepicker dropdowns when position style 
applied (bug 355314)

Controls (XHTML):
* expose xhtml widget slider for xforms range (bug 348439)
* refactor range to use a common binding (bug 352462)
* [ally] up/down keys behavior in mimmal select1 for xhtml (bug 348867)
* a11y: Should be able to select items in select1 via keypressed (not 
arrow keys) (bug 303865)
* Implement 'mediatype' file filters in <upload> (bug 313768)
* a11y: select1 needs keyboard shortcuts (bug 316614)
* precedence order of content of hint element is wrong (bug 338135)
* label containing output doesn't show (bug 344180)
* datepicker ally issues (bug 345224)
* filename and mediatype elements for <upload> are not set in instance 
(bug 345865)
* label click doesn't focus select/select1 properly (bug 344379)
* upload control fails to update filename/mediatype if bound to 
attribute (bug 353159)
* support range with undefined @start and @end (bug 331987)


* support for validating xsd:double schema type (bug 331897)
* Usage of INF/-INF with float and double not as expected (bug 338005)
* empty node of type xsd:anyURI does not validate (bug 339247)
* xsd:double validation has a problem (bug 341672)
* Add support for missing built-in derived schemas (bug 345907)
* xsd:anyURI validation doesn't allow relative URIs (bug 353213)

* Datepicker control not available for XUL (bug 334503)
* xul's ephemeral messages are shown in wrong place (bug 339075)
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