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Re: multimodal labels and trees too far away for XForms? [was: Re: Deploying (accessible) XForms today?]

From: Mikko Honkala <honkkis@tml.hut.fi>
Date: Thu, 11 May 2006 11:10:57 +0300
Message-ID: <4462F191.7060809@tml.hut.fi>
To: Stefano Debenedetti <ste@demaledetti.net>, Mark Birbeck <mark.birbeck@x-port.net>, www-forms@w3.org

> 2) if nodeindex is able of returning a node why not having it (perhaps called "nodeatindex") working for all kind of repeated structures and returning the focused/selected node so people can more easily get stuff done in general with repeats when they know their ID even if they are not in a position of knowing or dealing with their binding expression?

yes, this function would be extremely useful for repeat as well.
Actually, in X-Smiles we support this function for repeats as well.

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