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Re: set value for more than one element in select1?

From: Erik Bruchez <ebruchez@orbeon.com>
Date: Mon, 24 Jul 2006 17:13:45 +0200
Message-ID: <44C4E3A9.5070606@orbeon.com>
To: www-forms@w3.org

Andrew S. Townley wrote:
> Hi Erik,
> That looks the business.  I'll do some playing around and see what
> happens.  Looks like the idea is a workable solution though.  When I get
> a chance, there's clearly a lot more I need to learn about XForms--I
> wouldn't have thought of the intermediate instance.
> One thing in looking at it that I don't understand, however, is that
> even though it isn't in what you included, you're still basing the list
> contents off of the 'items' instance using an itemset, right?  If this
> is true, isn't this going to cause problems in OPS?  I know this is
> getting into ops-specific territory, but won't the behavior I observed
> the other day with losing attribute values from copy bite me here as
> well?  If not, I'll do some more reading so that I really understand
> what's happening in your fragment.  I haven't really done much with
> insert/setvalue yet.

I think your issue was with xforms:copy, but here you would be using:

<xforms:itemset nodeset="instance('items')/Items">
   <xforms:label ref="."/>
   <xforms:value ref="@Code"/>

i.e. not using xforms:copy, so you shouldn't have any problem!


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