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RE: Handle XForms Submit whith XmlHttpRequest

From: Kugelman, John <jkugelman@progeny.net>
Date: Thu, 6 Jul 2006 09:20:43 -0400
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To: "Landry DEFO KUATE" <defolandry@yahoo.fr>, <www-forms@w3.org>
The replace="instance" option on <submission> will replace only the instance data for your form, leaving the page in place. It sounds like this is exactly what you want, since it's like a background AJAX transmission that doesn't reload the entire page.


Another AJAX-based XForms processor is FormFaces (www.formfaces.com <http://www.formfaces.com/> ). FormFaces implements the whole submission module in XForms with the XMLHttpRequest object. As a bonus, FormFaces is implemented entirely in JavaScript so it's very easy to add in your own JavaScript callback functions if you need to extend it in some way.


Almost every XForms processor should be able to handle the replace="instance" option without reloading the entire page. Don't over-think this! :-)





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Subject: RE: Handle XForms Submit whith XmlHttpRequest


I can't use Xforms because with Xforms, when you click a submit for example, the submission object will built the http request and send it to server. Next, the browser will handle server response and show it in the page (roundtrip). The matter with this is that I have more forms and other information on the page and I just want to refresh the appropriate area that contains the form that was submit.


I am thinking of using a listner on te submission and cancel the submission onsubmit event. 

Il place, I will user a <xforms:setvalue value="handlerequest(.)"/> that will call a generic JavaScript function. This function have to do the same responsibility the submission will do, but by usin an XmlHttpRequest object. Then, this function will refresh the div that contains Xforms form with return data.


I want to know if this solution is smart and realistic and if somebody have deal with this in the past.




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Why are you not using XFORMS for the interaction with the server? 
Or am  I missing something? 

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Handle XForms Submit whith XmlHttpRequest




I'm building an Ajax application witch have many modules. 
One man in my team is building an API to pilot the user interface at de server side (PHP). 
The other developers have to write their Forms (XForms) an use the API to show forms to the client. 
The interaction between the client (browser) and the server  (PHP) is handle with XmlHttpRequest (or quivalent) in javascript. 
We are finding a way to handle all the onclick (onsubmit) event and pass the HTTP request to the XmlHttpRequest who will post then to the server a smart way. 
Can some one of you point me with a framework that do those kind of stuff? Or any idea? 
SP: applogies for my English, my mother language Is French. 

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