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Question dispatching RRRR deferred (xforms-rebuild, xforms-recalculate, xforms-revalidate and xforms-refresh)

This testcase is testing how deferred updates should be implemented. We have three tests:

  1. When we exit a action block we get one time RRR on m1, see t1
  2. When we in an action make changes to two models (m1 and m2) do we then defer events for both models or does the 'defer' handling only apply to the model in scope by the action (see t2)?
  3. If we do a dispatch in an action block will we defer the events which might be a consequence of the dispatch? To expand: in t3 we enter an action block and does a change to m1 which will schedule RRR on m1 we then dispatch DOMActivate to t2 which will invoke t2's action which will modify m1 and m2. When we leave t2's action block do we get RRR on m1 and m2 (assuming we deferred action for both models) or do we first see the RRRs after leaving t3's action?

Normal deferred, should result in RRR after the action block on m1:
Action which modifies both m1 and m2, should both models receive RRR?
Action which does a dispatch, will we only see one time RRR on m1 for the execution of the model and will we see RRR on m2 after the action model or after the dispatch is done?