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Re: set value for more than one element in select1?

From: John Boyer <boyerj@ca.ibm.com>
Date: Fri, 18 Aug 2006 13:29:48 -0700
To: "Andrew S. Townley" <andrew.townley@bearingpoint.com>
Cc: www-forms@w3.org, www-forms-request@w3.org
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Hi Andrew,

I was away on vacation when you sent this and missed it when I came back 
last month.  I only just noticed it by accident.

Didn't look like you got an answer.

You seem to be clearly describing the use case for an xforms-select or 
xforms-value-changed event handler in the select1, so option 3 would be to 
do one of those.

I prefer xforms-value-changed when possible.  The idea is that the form 
control is notified of a value change to the data node to which it is 
bound.  Of course, the control itself is making the change, but it still 
gets told about it.  So, you hook that, and use setvalue to copy the 
result to some parallel location.

You can do this with xforms-select too but it's a bit hard to make it work 
with itemset. 

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"Andrew S. Townley" <andrew.townley@bearingpoint.com> 
Sent by: www-forms-request@w3.org
07/23/2006 03:18 AM


set value for more than one element in select1?


I was wondering what the recommended solution to this particular
situation might be.  I have a code list of values intended for a select1
control defined like this:

  <Item Code="...">Value</Item>

However, once the value is selected from the select1, I need to include
it in the following XML instance document:


Now obviously, this situation sorta proves the Rule of the 7 P's (Proper
Previous Planning Prevents Piss-Poor Performance), but I was hoping
there was a way to do it with XForms features.

I can think of the following, non-XForms ways of solving the problem:

1) Change the external data in the itemset

Unfortunately, this isn't really a runner for where the copied elements
would go, there are other elements as children of the parent node.

2) Change the input instance and transform after form submission

This is probably the easiest, but involves an additional step at the
end.  I'm sure it won't be the only one that I end up with, but it isn't
ideal for my situation.

At the moment, I'm leaning towards option 2, but would love to have an
option 3.

Thanks in advance,

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