John Boyer wrote:

This keeps coming up over and over and over again.
We have discussed AVTs numerous times in the past in face to face meetings, as well as other
more hacky ideas like dropping a submission into instance data...

The solution we agreed to do for XForms 1.1 would provide the 'action' as a component of
event context in xforms-submit so that an action handler could run a setvalue to change it.
This also allows us to add other stuff to the event context, like content header, that need to
be changed.  This would allow us to do *all* dynamic configuration of submit using a single
mechanism that can be further extended over time.

The reason why this is not already in any specs of the working group is an issue that I am
going to flip over to the working group mailing list.

Moreover, since we have only recently decided to move our technical discussions to the
public list to give the community a better idea of how much stuff we work on, the prior discussions
of this issue containing markup examples are in the group mailing list archive, not the public archive.
So, here is an example:

<xf:submission action="blah" ....>
    <xf:setvalue ev:event="xforms-submit" ref="event('action')" value="some/node/in/instance"/>
What goes in "blah" - some sort of dummy value which is ignored? Isn't this a bit unfortunate?


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