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Re: Loading & saving documents

From: Jason Eacott <jeacott@hardlight.com.au>
Date: Wed, 5 Oct 2005 12:07:34 +0930
To: www-forms@w3.org
Message-ID: <4343C206.12774.564D3F7@localhost>

 I built something similar a while back (I think), and it works fine. 
didn't use a schema directly, but I suppose I could have. I built a
definition instance which could be "round tripped" if you will. I 
built an xform to manipulate, list, load and save these files. As the
instance is saved it is processed via a servlet with xsl into an 
The initial instance data remains still part of the resulting xform. 
the "builder xform" reloads a built form to edit it, it just loads 
instance part of the form. modifies it and saves it back via the xsl
again. There were some other very simple servlet based interfaces for 
xform builder to use, that provide listings of existing forms and 
urls on which the given forms might be published in the Manifest CMS 

its proved a very serviceable Xforms builder. There were a few 
gotchas but nothing that couldn't be overcome. Mostly they were to do 
incorrect or wrong implementations of the Xforms spec.

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Subject:        	Loading & saving documents
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> Dear All,
> I am looking to create a document editor for XML documents based on a
> single schema using Xforms.
> I have a host of questions but I'll fire them off one by one.
> I would like to create a standalone editor if possible & I'd like to be
> able to have an "open file" & then save/save as functionality.
> i.e. use IE + Novell plugin or possibly mozilla/firefox when it's ready
> (or even OpenOffice possibly) to open an Xforms document & then use it
> to populate it's model by opening another xml file of the requisite
> structure/followng the correct schema & then after editing the XML
> through the Xform UI to do a save/save as.
> Any ideas?
> I can start off hosting the page/form itself within a jsp but the files
> to be opened would always be on the user's local disk & would need to be
> persisted back to that disk.
> Adam
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Jason Eacott
Hardlight Interactive

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