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Re: FormFaces New XForms Processor

From: <sano@strings.net>
Date: Wed, 23 Mar 2005 15:54:32 -0500
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To: "Sikora, Gary" <gjsikora@progeny.net>

Gary, what level of compliance with the Xforms spec version 1.0 do you 
expect at launch?

On Mar 23, 2005, at 1:46 PM, Sikora, Gary wrote:

> XForms Team,
> The next FormFaces variant is a pure JavaScript solution. This means
> that XForms+HTML can be sent directly to the browser where JavaScript
> transcodes the XForms controls to HTML form controls and processes the
> bindings. This is extremely simple to use, just insert the following 
> tag
> into your XForms+HTML document:
> <script type="javascript" src="xforms.js"></script>
> The FormFaces JavaScript is compatible with any Browser that implements
> ECMAScript and DOM Level 2 which includes Internet Explorer, Mozilla,
> Opera, Konquerer, Safari and others, and does not require any
> server-side processing. To this end, the new FormFaces framework 
> enables
> XForms applications independent of server-side technologies and browser
> plug-ins.
> This new FormFaces variant will be available via the www.formfaces.com
> website April 2005, and will be licensed under both a GPL and 
> commercial
> license similar to the MySQL license model.
> For an alpha version prior to this release, please contact
> sales@formfaces.com.
> Very respectfully,
> Gary Sikora
> FormFaces Project Manager
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> Subject: xForm Processor
> Hello everyone!
> I have already read a lot of  things about xForm technology, and I got
> the knowledge about the theoretical backgraound of this. But I want to
> apply xForm technology to practice.
> The reason of my using xForm is that some HTML site should be created
> and when an user fill in the form and submit it, than some xForm
> Processor should create any neutral XML data, which can sent to some
> application (e.g. XML Web Service). First requirement is that 
> respective
> User Interface should be created in HTML because Plug-in for web 
> browser
> will be avoided so that each web browser will be able to show 
> respective
> forms.
> I need for my project some appropriate tool, which meets my
> requirements. Is there some tool for this work? I appreciate any tips
> and pointers.
> freundliche Gruesse / best regards
> Dipl.-Ing. Kianoush Eshaghi     T +43 1 74040-652
> METADAT - The Architect for Knowledge Networks
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