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Re: Is or isn't scripting needed, was RE: XForms vs. Web Forms

From: Eric S. Fisher <efisher@fsystems.com>
Date: Wed, 16 Mar 2005 21:07:45 -0500
To: "www-forms@w3.org" <www-forms@w3.org>
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Gentlemen, please!!

This looks to me as if what began as a discussion of the relative merits  
of two different but related technologies has degenerated into an  
either-or choose-up-your-sides flame war.  We began with carefully  
constructed arguments with coding examples to illustrate points, and now  
we have "yes it can -- no it can't" without any substance.  Can we cool  
this off a bit?

If many of us, including Ian Hickson, can agree that both technologies  
have merit, and that neither is intended to replace the other, can we all  
return to adult-level discussions based on reason and examples?

I was learning a lot about these technologies from the exchanges when this  
discussion started.  This last exchange is meaningless to me.

Eric S. Fisher

On Wed, 16 Mar 2005 17:44:11 -0800, L. David Baron <dbaron@dbaron.org>  

> On Wednesday 2005-03-16 17:24 -0800, John Boyer wrote:
>> My response (below marked by >>) is to someone who asserted that
> someone == me (although it would be nice if your email had indicated
> that)
>> the client would receive the what-wg markup and that the document
>> would 'work better' if the browser were upgraded and that this
>> would be incentive to upgrade the browser.
>> Your response has nothing to do with that thread.
> I don't see why you think it doesn't, but it may be because of the
> misunderstandings that I correct in my responses below.
>> But it is worth separately considering, since you're suggesting
>> deployment of new web servers that can
> None of these are necessary.
>> 1) distinguish between browsers that understand what-wg syntax and
>> those that can't
> There's no need to distinguish.  Handling of required fields being
> missing won't be needed if the client supports enforcement, so the
> server just needs to redisplay the form with a note about the
> requirement, as servers do today.  Handling of the submission of a WF2
> repetition input won't be needed if the client supports the WF2
> repetition model, so a server receiving such a submission just needs to
> generate the repetition manually for the old client.
>> 2) can determine whether the html content being served uses
>> what-wg syntax
> Again, unnecessary.  The point is that the WF2 syntax can be sent to
> existing clients.
>> 3) can translate what-wg syntax into a pile of legacy html+script
> Likewise, unnecessary.
>> If you replace what-wg syntax with xforms, it is clear that
>> the same solution is possible.
> That solution is possible and probably often necessary for XForms, but
> WF2 is designed so that it is unnecessary.
> -David

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