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RE: xforms and wokflow?

From: Sikora, Gary <gjsikora@progeny.net>
Date: Wed, 24 Aug 2005 20:42:09 -0400
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To: <jeacott@hardlight.com.au>
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Others are integrating workflow solutions with XForms using FormFaces,
as well with FormsPlayer as noted by other listings, and perhaps other
XForms solutions as well. At this juncture, I cannot discuss this
collaboration within this forum.

Very respectfully,

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To: Sikora, Gary
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Subject: RE: xforms and wokflow?

	so if I were using formfaces (it shouldn't make any difference)
then how would you approach the problem?


Subject:        	RE: xforms and wokflow?
Date sent:      	Thu, 18 Aug 2005 23:49:08 -0400
From:           	"Sikora, Gary" <gjsikora@progeny.net>
To:             	<jeacott@hardlight.com.au>

> Try ForeFaces and we can help ... Cleaner approach ... No division 
> between server-side and client-side processing ...
> Very respectfully,
> Gary Sikora, FormFaces Product Manager
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> Subject: xforms and wokflow?
> Hi,
> 	heres a use case I have to implement, and I'd sday its a very
> scenario. I already have an xform that can define and build simple 
> xforms (an xform builder form :)  ).
> the forms it builds can submit the data to any number of email 
> addresses and optionally send it to a data sink too (it always sends 
> it to the sink if no email addresses are assigned)
> ok - so now I have to implement a simple workflow into the system.
> after one of these generated forms (just a plain old xform - we could 
> have started the story here but I thought some background might help -

> hope it doesnt confuse) is made it gets used.
> when a user fills in a form and submits the data, that data needs to 
> be approved before it is stored/emailed. it may need to be approved by

> multiple folk, so using a workflow engine would make sense.
> is there any way to intercept the processing of an xform so that I can

> accept the submission, send out other emails for confirmation on other

> forms, and then somehow ask an xform to complete its tasks.
> I can see how I might have one form that just submits, then do some 
> serverside logic for the workflow , get another form for answers, then

> just write code serverside to dump  the data into the sink, and send 
> off the various email responses if the data is approved, but how could

> I achieve this last part by letting the xform do all that (because it 
> already knows how to) I may have an advantage that I am using chiba - 
> serverside xforms implementation, so perhaps I could instantiate half 
> a form serverside or something.
> I run across this kind of thing all the time with xforms, I don't want

> to break up my simple definition of what data should go where - it 
> works well all described in a simple xform, I just want to insert some

> workflow before it completes. how can i do this kind of thing without 
> getting REALLY ugly?
> any thoughts appreciated.
> thanks
> Jason.
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