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Re: Validate 2 fieds!

From: Roland Merrick <roland_merrick@uk.ibm.com>
Date: Tue, 2 Nov 2004 14:46:01 +0000
To: "Vo, Thanh Chi" <ThanhVo@psv.com.vn>
Cc: "'www-forms@w3.org'" <www-forms@w3.org>, www-forms-request@w3.org
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Greetings, you've already had some answers to your question but I'd like 
to suggest that you consider the following approach:


<f:bind nodeset="/data/pair" constraint="/data/pair/a &lt; /data/pair/b"/>
<f:bind nodeset="/data/pair/a" type="xsd:integer"/>
<f:bind nodeset="/data/pair/b" type="xsd:integer"/>

<f:group ref="/data/pair">
        <f:label>pair: </f:label>
        <f:input ref="/data/pair/a">
            <f:label>a: </f:label>
        <f:input ref="/data/pair/b">
            <f:label>b: </f:label>

This has the benefit from a users point of view that if the user wants to 
change a and b to be 12 & 17 the intermediate state of a(12) and b(10) 
will indicate that the value of a is invalid but it will indicate that 
there is a problem with the pair.

Regards, Roland

"Vo, Thanh Chi" <ThanhVo@psv.com.vn> 
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26/10/2004 07:16

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Validate 2 fieds!

Hi all,
Could you tell me how to make a validation like that:
value A < value B.
By schema I've just make value A, value B in a fix range( such as 0..255)
And by schema could we make a constrain like that( value A < value B).
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