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Ian Hickson (Opera) On W3C's XForms

From: Gerald Bauer <luxorxul@yahoo.ca>
Date: Fri, 30 Apr 2004 03:32:50 -0400 (EDT)
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  allow me to highlight the mailinglist post by Ian
Hickson (Opera) titled "XForms and Mozilla" that
argues that W3C's XForms is bloated committee-ware and
has no future.

  Ian writes:

> 2) Would implementing the [W3C XForms] standard
advance mozilla's mission?

A good question as well. With XForms, the answer is
again no -- the mission of the Mozilla project is to
preserve choice and innovation on the Internet, and to
do this it needs to compete effectively with Internet
Explorer. IE will never implement XForms; Microsoft
have stated in no uncertain terms that the way forward
for IE is Avalon/XAML. Therefore the way to compete
with IE, as far as browser features go, is to provide
technologies that are more attractive to the majority
of Web developers than Avalon/XAML. One key way to do
this is to make the languages easy to use and easy to
author for. XForms is neither: it uses multiple levels
of indirection, multiple namespaces, XML Schema,
XPath, and, probably most importantly, is not
backwards compatible with existing content.

   More @
   What's your take on it? Do you share Ian's outlook
about W3C's XForms? Are there any better, faster,
lighter alternatives to W3C's XForms heavy machinery?

    - Gerald

Gerald Bauer
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