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Multiple bindings to UI Control

From: <ade@benue.com>
Date: Thu, 23 Oct 2003 20:55:50 -0400
To: www-forms@w3.org
Message-ID: <OFB27474E1.9F971810-ON85256DC9.0004B9CA-85256DC9.00051CD3@benue.com>
I have a 3-tier web based application that would benefit from XForms. It 
basically queries for data from a web service and allows certain fields in 
the queried data to be modified and sent back as an update to the service. 

The user query yields data from the service via a particular XML message - 
ResponseMessage - , the updates are however dispatched using a similar but 
different XML message - UpdateMessage -. 

XForms does not appear to support binding of one UI control to more than 
one instance. 

How do I pre-load my form fields from the ResponseMessage message received 
from the back-end, and send user updates through the UpdateMessage 

I don't see a way to bind one UI control to a ResponseMessage instance for 
pre-load with initial values, and at the same time bind the same UI 
control to an  UpdateMessage instance for capturing the user's edits for 
dispatch to the back-end. 

-- Ade Lucas

p.s. This is a re-statement of my previous posting.
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