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Re: How secure is XForms?

From: ??????? ?. ??????? (Christos E. Sioulis) <CSioulis@dsa.gr>
Date: Fri, 10 Oct 2003 00:32:31 +0300
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In my point of view, the most important 'issue of security' using XForms 
technology in real transactions, is (apart of the origin and integrity 
of the relative browser plug-in) "how secure is the instance data" that 
is collected and transmitted by the ‘XForm User Interface’ and ‘XForm 
Submit Protocol’ units respectively!

Having in mind that XForms could be a nice instrument to serve quotidian 
legal transactions (i.e. filling predefined application/order web forms 
with needed data, or filling a 'tax declaration' in a web based 
'official document’,-and in many other e-government applications, etc), 
the next step for your nice work, IMO, it should be the liaison with the 
XML-Signature (XadES) WG, with the goal to provide a standard method on 
how the provided ‘XML instance data’ can be digitally signed (providing 
data authenticity, integrity, and/or non repudiation) by its author. 
(-Have you seen the new Adobe Acrobat 6.0 digital signing features 
combined with Adobe Forms?)

I have already mentioned this issue in this mailing list (about 1 year 
ago!) and the answer was that it maybe would make part of a future 
development of XForms.
(-Andrew, do you feel that this time has come?)  :-)

Christos Sioulis
(Athens Lawyer)

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>Subject: How secure is XForms?
>I would like to pose a question that I first asked many months ago, "How
>secure is XForms?" I didn't find the answers given at the time totally
>Particularly for potential business users of XForms it seems to me a
>fundamental question.
>What is the best, most complete answer that the XForms WG or XForms tool
>vendors care to put forward to provide reassurance on this point?
>Andrew Watt
>http://www.tfosorciM.org/blog - "Reflecting on Microsoft" 
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