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Re: xform validations problems

From: Raghu Krishnamurthy <raghu.krishnamurthy@oracle.com>
Date: Thu, 27 Nov 2003 15:43:00 +0530
Message-ID: <3FC5CE2C.AE9EBC28@oracle.com>
To: www-forms@w3.org
I have a textbox that needs to be mandatory and also that the number of
characters in it should not be more than 3 characters.
I have these constraints defined thus.
<xforms:bind nodeset="/my:Eform/my:Summary" required="true()"
id="bind_1" constraint="string-length( normalize-space(.) ) &lt; 3"/>

I have my UI as follows

<xforms:textarea id="input_0" ref="/my:Eform/my:Summary">
     <xforms:label id="label_1">Summary</xforms:label>
           <xforms:message ev:event="xforms-invalid">
                         'Summary' is a mandatory field
         <xforms:message ev:event="xforms-invalid">
                  Cannot contain more than 3 characters

You notice that I want to display 2 different alerts at diff times.
That is if nothing is entered in the textbox,I want the alert to just
say("'Summary' is a mandatory field");
If something is entered and the number of charactes are more than 3
then,I want just Cannot contain more than 3 characters
to be displayed.
However with the above code both the messages will get displayed if
either of them is not satisfied.
I have not been able to do these kind of validations as easily I was
doing with javascript
where I would have complete control.
I am sure it will be possible though with xforms events also.Any help
would be great.

Thanks and Best Regards

Raghu Krishnamurthy wrote:

> All
> I have an xforms document that has a few text fields.
> The different validations are that textbox1 should be mandatory,
> textbox2 should be only a date and textbox3 should contain less than
> 10 characters.
> I have the constraints defined thus
> <xforms:bind nodeset="/my:Eform/my:Summary" required="true()"
> id="bind_1"/>
> <xforms:bind nodeset="/my:Eform/my:Referral.Rejected.-.Reasons"
> id="bind_8" type="xsd:date" format="YYYY-MM-DD"/>
> <xforms:bind nodeset="/my:Eform/my:Desired.Outcome.of.the.Service"
> id="bind_4" constraint="string-length( normalize-space(.) ) &lt;
> 10"/>
> The ui would be as follows
> <xforms:textarea id="input_0" rows="1" cols="80"
> ref="/my:Eform/my:Summary">
>                                 <xforms:label id="label_1"><span
> style="color:#ff0000;font-weight:700">Summary</span></xforms:label>
>                                 <xforms:message
> ev:event="xforms-invalid">
>                                          This is a mandatory field
>                                 </xforms:message>
> </xforms:textarea>
> Now the problem I have is that as you can see in the
> <xforms:message ev:event="xforms-invalid">
>             This is a mandatory field
> </xforms:message>
> the event gets fired whenever the instance is invalid.
> This is fine,but when the form is displayed for the first time to the
> user,the instance will be an empty instance as the fields would not
> contain any data.
> like <Summary></Summary>
> So when the form is first time displayed to the user,these alerts come
> up while rendering the form as the instance data would not comply with
> the constraints set.
> Ideally I want the form to display without any alerts and when the
> user enters data and then tabs out to other fields or hits the submit
> button,I want the alert messages to be displayed and not while  the
> form is getting rendered.
> Would anybody  please let me know how to do that?
> Thanks and Best Regards
> Raghu

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